Gordon Ramsay Tried Sup Torpedo AKA Bull's Penis Soup In KL. Here's What He Thought Of It

"I'm cringing in between my ball bag."

Cover image via Gordon Ramsay YouTube

Gordon Ramsay needs no introduction. Whether you know him as the potty-mouthed star of Hell's Kitchen or for roasting his fans on Twitter, he's always entertaining to watch.

Image via CBS

Now here's something you probably didn't know - the celebrity chef made a short trip to Malaysia for his TV show Gordon's Great Escape way back in 2009, where some locals made him try a "soup especially for men". ;)

In a throwback clip recently posted to his YouTube channel, Ramsay joined a local biker group on a jaunt to Restoran Sup Al-Deen in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur for a taste of sup torpedo a.k.a. bull penis soup.

Though his initial reaction was one of bewilderment...

... That didn't stop him from exacting "revenge" on food critics who've annoyed him in the past

When he finally tasted it, Ramsay said the soup was "very spicy" and likened it to an oxtail "but with a soft bone inside"

"The soup's nice but it's the crunchy bit in the middle, like gristle. Now I'm crossing my legs coz I'm cringing in between my ball bag," he joked. 

"Muscly, gristley, and very chewy. Almost like, sort of an oxtail but with a soft bone inside, not good," he added in a post-tasting interview.

"And the size of them, Jesus Christ, huge!"

Watch the sup torpedo segment here:

Ramsay also spent some time in Penang for the show, where he had "bloody delicious" home-cooked Chinese food and experienced Penang traffic first-hand:

Before heading to his destination, the famous chef learnt how to make rendang from a quick-witted auntie in this viral clip:

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