What Is It Really Like To Work With Grab? Drivers & Delivery Riders Share Their Experience

"One time, a customer tipped me RM50. It really made my day. I couldn't stop smiling and singing."

Cover image via Mohamad Rusydi (Provided to SAYS) & Shafik Zuhairi (Provided to SAYS)

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Over the years, Grab has been one of the leading e-hailing, cashless payment, and food delivery service providers in Southeast Asia

In fact, Grab serves more than 670 million people across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and more, providing essential everyday services in a single app.

While most of us are used to ordering rides, food, or delivery on the app, what is it actually like to be a driver or delivery rider with Grab?

In partnership with Grab, we spoke to a full-time Grab Driver-Partner as well as a full-time Delivery-Partner to share their experience:

1. Meet Shafik Zuhairi, who first started off as a part-time Grab Driver-Partner in 2018 after finding out that the company he worked for was shutting down

When Shafik heard about the benefits of working with Grab from his brother-in-law, he decided to give it a shot.

According to Shafik, working as a part-time e-hailing driver was a great way to earn a side income, as the money was good. When the company Shafik worked for finally closed its doors in January 2019, he decided to become a full-time Grab driver, instead of searching for another job.

Although Shafik had sporadic working hours, the great thing was that he got to work on his own time.

"I'd basically work throughout the day, while having breaks in between. Like, in the afternoon, I'd head home to rest and do my prayers.

"Then, at about 4.30pm, I'll start making my rounds again. I'll work until 8pm, but if I haven't hit my target earning for the day, then I'll continue driving until 10 or 11pm," Shafik shared. 

When the unprecedented pandemic hit, Shafik ended up also dabbling in other Grab services such as delivering GrabMart, GrabExpress, and GrabFood orders

During the pandemic, the demand for rides was low, which is why Shafik stepped out of his comfort zone to try out different Grab services by delivering orders with his car. However, Shafik soon found that he couldn't rely on just one location, as it could get competitive.

"Getting jobs in TTDI eventually became quite competitive and challenging, as more riders and drivers started to hang around the wet market in search of jobs as well," he said. 

Being a GrabFood delivery driver also came with a whole new set of challenges that Shafik had to get used to.

"I struggled to look for restaurants or shops. And I kept getting lost in shopping malls. But, it was great doing GrabFood, as parking was not much of a hassle. There were even shopping malls that allowed drivers and riders to park at designated valet parking spots."

And now that movement and dine-in restrictions are lifted, Shafik is back to doing more e-hailing again after seeing a lot more ride demand.

When asked about his experience working as a Grab Driver-Partner the past few years, Shafik shared that he was grateful he had a job throughout these challenging times, and appreciated how helpful Grab has been

According to Shafik, the best part about being a Grab Driver-Partner is getting to learn something new every day.

"You learn how to be more patient and you meet all kinds of people. It can be a great and lucrative profession. You can support your family by being a Grab Driver-Partner. It's just a matter of planning properly and how hardworking you are."

Shafik and his family.

Image via Shafik Zuhairi (Provided to SAYS)

"Although there have been a few hiccups along the way, what's great about Grab is that they really listen to their drivers and riders. They are always continuously improving and take our feedback seriously."

In fact, according to Shafik, Grab also offers numerous benefits to drivers, such as monetary incentives to buy a smartphone, allowance to buy food, discounts for products and tools to maintain their car, and even subsidies to renew his car insurance.

2. Similarly, 30-year-old Mohamad Rusydi became a GrabFood Delivery-Partner when the company he worked for began to struggle to continue its day-to-day operations from the lack of jobs

During the first Movement Control Order (MCO), Rusydi decided to leave his long-time job as an electrical technician and became a GrabFood Delivery-Partner.

According to him, signing up to become a delivery rider was relatively straightforward and easy.

"I heard from a few people that it takes about a few months to get your application approved last time. But when I applied, all I had to do was submit a few documents, such as my license, road tax, insurance policy, etc, as well as attend a quick course, and I was good to go" said Rusydi.

At the start, the one thing that Rusydi would always worry was spilling his customer's drinks or food

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via 2cents

"I was constantly keeping an eye on the delivery bag's contents. But, the stress lasted for a while only. After that, delivering customer's orders became a breeze."

Starting out as a delivery rider during the MCO, when restaurants and eateries were not allowed to operate late into the night, Rusydi's working hours were usually from 8am to 6pm.

The great thing about Rusydi's job is that he gets to enjoy flexible work hours by having breaks in-between. However, the bad weather sometimes affects his income for the day.

"If I have to say, the challenging part is when it starts to rain heavily. The bad weather makes it harder for me to hit my target earnings for the day."

Nevertheless, Rusydi still enjoys working as a delivery rider very much, and shared that he comes across plenty of heartwarming and memorable moments in his line of work

"One time, a customer tipped me RM50. It really made my day. I couldn't stop smiling and singing. But the most heartwarming part of my job is when I receive free food. I always feel so touched when they intentionally order food for me as well. It's a real blessing!"

When asked if he has any tips he'd like to share to those interested to become a Grab Delivery-Partner, Rusydi shared that it's important to remember to always be careful on the road.

"It's a great job opportunity. But remember, you're always gonna be on the road, so make sure you drive your car or ride your motorcycle carefully. Don't get obsessed with picking up too many orders and start speeding around. You're endangering not only yourself, but other motorists on the road as well. In case riders do get in an accident, every Grab rider is by default covered by free accident insurance provided by Grab."

If you're looking for a great gig that offers flexible hours and a good income, consider signing up to become a Grab Driver-Partner or Delivery-Partner today!

Image via Grab

Grab is known as one of the most trusted and established gig companies that looks out for not only their customers, but their drivers and delivery riders as well.

By becoming a Grab Driver-Partner or Grab Delivery-Partner, you get to be your own boss by having the option of setting your own working schedule and target earnings for the day. 

Plus, Grab also offers a variety of services you can choose to do in your line of gig work, be it picking up passengers or delivering food, groceries, and parcels. 

The best part? You get to cash out your earnings daily! 

Interested dy? Here's what you'll get to enjoy as a Grab Driver-Partner or Grab Delivery-Partner:

Delivery Rider: 
- Earn up to RM700 per week 
- Flexible hours
- Cash out earnings daily
- Free On The Road Accident coverage
- Over RM200 monthly savings with GrabBenefits
- Register today and start earning in five days! 

Driver (E-hailing):
- Earn more than RM1,000 per week
- Flexible hours
- Cash out earnings daily
- Enjoy up to RM300 reimbursement
- Over RM200 monthly savings with GrabBenefits

Driver (Delivery):
- Earn up to RM500 per week
- Flexible hours
- Cash out earnings daily
- Over RM200 monthly savings with GrabBenefits
- Register today and start earning in five days!

Earnings may vary by location.

In fact, in 2017, Grab even launched the GrabBenefits programme, exclusively for their drivers and delivery riders

Believing that drivers and riders are the core of their business, Grab offers a variety of benefits and incentives to ensure you are taken care of, on or off the road.

Check out the exclusive benefits for their drivers and riders:

Since 2018, Grab has been providing their drivers and riders with GrabInsure, a work-related insurance coverage that protects both drivers and passengers. The insurance comes with Group Personal Accident coverage, 24/7 GrabBenefits insurance, as well as EPF and SOCSO contributions. 

Grab also offers numerous benefits to help drivers and riders save on operation costs and maintenance fees. This includes rebates for fuel and vehicle maintenance, Grab Pit Stops, and access for Zakat contribution. 

For drivers and riders looking to learn new skills or take on courses, Grab also provides training and development programmes under Grab Academy.

So, whatchu waiting for? Find out more about working with Grab by heading over to their website today.

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