GrabPay Has A New Feature That Shows You Deals From Nearby Merchants. Here’s How It Works

So many deals, so much money saved :D

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Who doesn’t love a good deal? GrabPay just launched a brand new feature, GrabPay Merchant Nearby, that’ll help you find the best deals in town!

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Whether you’re going shopping, running errands, or looking for a good meal, just use GrabPay Merchant Nearby to find merchants near you with the latest deals you’ll love. You get to enjoy your favourite things while still saving money, yay!

Here’s how to use GrabPay Merchant Nearby:

1. Once you're out and about, open the Grab app and tap on 'Payment'

2. Next, keep your eyes peeled for the 'GrabPay Merchant Nearby' card and tap on it

3. At this stage, you'll be given a list of nearby merchants that have the latest GrabPay deals around you!

With this new feature, you'll be able to discover stores you may have never heard of and make use of the many benefits GrabPay has to offer!

GrabPay is practically everywhere now, and there’s no easier way to pay for your stuff. Here's what makes GrabPay so convenient:

1. Next time you forget your wallet, you don't need to panic since GrabPay is accessible through your phone

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Chances are many of the merchants within your area accept GrabPay transactions. So long as you've deposited money in your GrabPay e-wallet, you can live that cash-free lifestyle and conduct seamless and safe payments be it for your next meal, your next haircut, or your next errand. 

If you don’t have cash on you, use GrabPay at these stores:

 AeonBig, Giant, Tesco, Mydin, Village Grocer

Convenience Stores: 99 Speedmart, KK Mart, myNews

Pharmacies: Big Pharmacy, Caring Pharmacy, Guardian, Watsons

Restaurants: A&W, Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and many more!

Petrol Stations: BHP Petrol, Petron

There are many more merchants which utilise GrabPay, check them out here.

2. You’ll even be able to collect GrabRewards points by paying with GrabPay at nearby merchants

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You can never have too many GrabRewards points. In fact, it's much easier for you to collect them once you start utilising GrabPay Wallet for your day-to-day activities. Friendly reminder that you will receive three GrabRewards points for every RM1 spent using GrabPay if you've reached the highest tier, Platinum :O 

3. Going cashless with GrabPay allows you to stay safe and minimise contact

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If you're worried about handling banknotes and constantly having to sanitise after touching them, you don't need to worry when you're using GrabPay. One scan of the merchant's QR code is all it takes, and the process allows you to make transactions quickly and efficiently. 

Thinking of using GrabPay Merchant Nearby? Discover the latest deals by giving it a try now!

1. Choose a category you wish to explore. Looking for clothing items? They got it! Or maybe you'd like to do some grocery shopping? They have that too! Perhaps you're looking for lunch deals? You guessed it - it's all listed under their respective categories. 

2. You can further filter your search results by tapping on 'Offers'. What's more, it even tells you the exact location of the store, so you can head there and enjoy their deals quicker! 

Check out GrabPay Merchant Nearby and take advantage of the available deals today! Find out more on Grab's website here.

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