This Upcoming Adidas X Gucci Umbrella Costs RM5,670 But Won't Protect You From The Rain

Retailing for over USD1,290 (about RM5,670), this Gucci X Adidas Umbrella has drawn flak for providing only "sun protection" and is meant for "decorative use".

Cover image via Gucci

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Imagine buying an umbrella and then finding out it was never intended to work in the first place

Well, an umbrella from a Gucci and Adidas collaboration became a hot topic in just a matter of hours for exactly that reason.

The umbrella is a part of a much-anticipated collaboration collection between Gucci and Adidas that is said to be released on 7 June.

Despite its high retail price, the product pretty much lacks an umbrella's one basic function: offering protection from the rain.

Image via Gucci

It is listed on the Gucci website as a "sun umbrella" and comes with a warning that it is only meant for "sun protection or decorative use"

Image via Gucci

It also describes the product's design to have "emblematic House's motifs mix with those of the historic sportswear brand Adidas resulting in a series of hybrid looks".

It comes with three white stripes, the signature interlocking GG, and a G-shaped handle made of birchwood.

It is made in Italy and is inspired by the creative director's memories of the '80s and '90s.

The product is said to have a cotton and linen blend fabric finish, which is probably the reason for its inability to function as a normal umbrella.

Image via Gucci

In China, the price of the product is even higher at RMB11,100 (over RM7,000), shocking netizens and drawing ridicule on Weibo

According to BBC, a hashtag on Weibo which translates to "the collaboration umbrella being sold for RMB11,100 is not waterproof" has had more than 140 million views.

A Weibo user called it "a very big but useless fashion statement".

"As long as I'm poor, they won't be able to trick me into paying for this," another user said.

However, despite the criticisms, there still seems to be a market for an item that is less about practicality and more about making a fashion statement.

In the UK, there is a waiting list for the umbrella on the UK Gucci website, where it is priced for cheaper at GBP870 (about RM4,800).

Image via Gucci

In Gucci's defence, a spokesperson said it has "good collector's value" and is "suitable for use as a daily accessory"

Speaking to Caijing, a magazine based in Beijing, the spokesperson added that the umbrella was "not recommended for use as an everyday umbrella", reported BBC.

China, where the umbrella is slated to be sold, is a big market for leading luxury brands. Gucci is the fourth most popular luxury brand in the country after Chanel, Dior, and Hermès.

This isn't the first time Gucci has gone viral for the wrong reasons: