[REVIEW] I Tried Getting A Mani-Pedi For The First Time. Here's What I Thought About It

Was it a slay or a nay? ;)

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When it comes to getting beauty treatments, most guys in Malaysia still think it's a little out of the norm

While certain treatments like manicures and pedicures (mani-pedis), facials, and even eyebrow grooming are becoming increasingly common among men, many guys are still so malu to be seen getting them.

It's completely ordinary for you to embrace beauty treatments, especially now that most guys are looking to take control of their personal appearance, boost their self-confidence, and simply invest in their overall wellbeing.

In conjunction with SAYS' Inclusive Beauty campaign, I decided to try getting a mani-pedi treatment for the first time

I'm a 25-year-old male, and the only beauty treatment I've ever tried is a facial — and that's because I had really bad breakouts.

To say that I have little knowledge about mani-pedi treatments would be an understatement. Trust me, I didn't even know what a cuticle was. I also thought that manicurists are only supposed to cut your nails, paint them, and voilá, it's time to pay.

So, without further ado, here's what went down:

The first step was choosing a nail salon, and I was told to check out Honest Hour, a newly opened nail parlour in TTDI, KL

I visited the outlet with two (female) colleagues in the afternoon. It's located right above Restoran Chong Thoong Kee, a famous restaurant known for kai si hor fun (Ipoh chicken hor fun). 

To be frank, when we reached the outlet, I was a little nervous as I didn't know what to expect. But I certainly wasn't gonna back out. 

Stepping into Honest Hour is like stepping into a zen living space.

The place had woodsy colours and interior, soft and warm lighting, as well as plenty of sofas and cushions, exuding an inviting atmosphere that instantly made me feel at home.

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

There were plenty of comfortable seating areas throughout their space for you to get your nails done. Whether you're looking for a quiet corner with natural lighting or a big couch to chill and chit-chat with your friends as you get your nails done, Honest Hour has something for everyone.

Eka, the founder of Honest Hour, welcomed us with a nice cup of ginger, lemongrass, and clove tea, and told us to make ourselves comfortable. I told her it was my first time getting a mani-pedi, and she took the time to explain to me in detail what each treatment package offered.

Just me waiting for Anne, my manicurist, to prep her tools and equipment.

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Here's a look at their treatment packages:

1. Express — 30 minutes
Manicure: RM33
Pedicure: RM38
An on-the-go dry treatment with the removal and application of nail polish, with minimal cuticle care included.

2. Classic — 50 minutes
Manicure: RM68
Pedicure: RM78
A sensory manicure or pedicure treatment that starts with a gentle exfoliation, followed by a soothing treatment.

3. Signature — 75 minutes
Manicure: RM103
Pedicure: RM113
This treatment includes everything on the menu, including a warm paraffin wax treatment, which is basically a type of moisturiser that helps to make your skin supple and soft.  

4. Advanced Callus Treatment — 55 minutes
Pedicure: RM138
On top of a pedicure treatment, this package will also help eliminate those extremely rough patches, calluses, and dead skin cells.

Image via SAYS

Eka told me that most men opt for the Advanced Callus Treatment, as they usually have very rough patches and calluses on their feet. But since my feet were not that rough, I considered trying either the Express or Classic treatment. After hearing Eka's recommendations, I decided to go for an Express manicure and a Classic pedicure, as she said an exfoliation would be good for my feet.

Here's a look at my fingernails and toenails before the treatment began:

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

I started with the Classic pedicure treatment. Anne, my manicurist, brought out a wooden basin filled with cucumber-infused water for my feet to soak in.

Image via SAYS

Soaking my feet in the basin was very relaxing. Anne also asked if I wanted to pour a few drops of essential oil into the water, and I wholeheartedly said yes. 

I'm a very curious person, so while my feet were soaking, I bombarded Anne with questions (sorry, Anne!), but she was very accommodating and more than happy to answer all of them. She even kept checking in during the procedure to make sure I was comfortable.

After several minutes, Anne dried my feet with a warm towel, and began scrubbing the soles of my feet with a foot file. This was followed by a vigorous bunga raya scrub that reached every inch of my feet and in between my toes, before soaking and washing my feet in the basin again.

Image via SAYS

I told Anne to go with a round-shape nail cut for my toenails, and she began cutting them, removing my cuticles (the layer of skin at the end of your nail), scrubbing my toes with a pumice sponge, and then applying cuticle oil

Image via SAYS

During this process, Anne showed me the parlour's collection of nail polishes, and asked if I'd like to paint my nails. According to Eka, Honest Hour's nail polishes are vegan and 21-free, which essentially means they're free from harmful and toxic chemicals. 

Image via SAYS

Honest Hour has nice pastel and woodsy nail polish colours, but I was uncomfortable with getting my nails painted, so I opted out of it. If you're more adventurous than me, what would basically happen is they would first apply a base coat, followed by your chosen nail polish colour, and then finish it off with a top coat. A base coat would prevent staining, while a top coat would protect and make the nail polish last longer.

Although I didn't get my toenails painted, I still got a base and top coat to add a layer of protection, which gave them a shiny look.

While waiting for my toenails' coating to dry, Anne began with the Express manicure treatment, which is a very basic and quick treatment, great for those who are always on-the-go

Image via SAYS

The Express manicure treatment basically consists of nail cutting and coating as well as cuticle care — and that's it. I opted for a square-shaped nail cut this time, and to be frank, the cut made my hand look more feminine. So if you don't want that, opt for a round-shaped nail cut instead. 

I also opted out of getting nail polish for my fingernails, and went with just a base and top coating.

Both of the treatments took over an hour, less than the said time, since I didn't opt for nail polish. Also, once Anne was done with my fingernails, she applied some moisturiser on my feet, which is part of the Classic treatment package.

By the end of the treatment, my fingernails and toenails looked good, fresh, and shiny. The best part? My feet were so smooth and soft — as smooth as a baby's butt!

Here's a look at them after the treatments: 

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

The total bill came to RM111, which I thought was reasonable. But what's my verdict, you wonder? All in all, I enjoyed it!

It was a good and relaxing experience. And I don't see why everyone shouldn't get a mani-pedi. Having said that, I don't see myself purposely visiting a nail salon unless my feet are in need of a good pedicure treatment.

To all the guys out there, it's fine if you don't want to get a manicure, though I think a pedicure treatment would be beneficial, especially if you engage in activities that strain your feet or if you want to address issues like calluses or ingrown toenails.

And if you visit Honest Hour, I would recommend their Classic treatment over the Express treatment. It's more of a complete package.

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