Amber Chia And Jinnyboy As A Married Couple... Could This Be 2019's Must-Watch CNY Video?

Drama, comedy, singing... You're not gonna wanna miss this!

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The best thing about Chinese New Year is stuffing yourself with yummy food and receiving loads of ang pows

Buuuut, another thing to look forward to is also all the CNY videos that get you in the festive spirit, ammirite? :D

With that being said, you NEED to check out Watsons' latest and biggest CNY film

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Get ready to be entertained by the beautiful performances, impressive singing, and stunning outfits! With an 'East Meets West' theme and featuring a luxurious 1904s Malaysian Chinese style, it's a feel good video that has all the right amounts of drama, music, and not to forget epic comedy that will make you laugh your heart out.

Watch the video below to get into the festive mood:

This hilarious video tells a musical story of four siblings at the reunion dinner table and their rivalry over a trivial matter

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The drama begins at a family reunion dinner where a younger sister is seen wearing the eldest sister's outfit and makeup without permission. Besides all the drama and arguments, the video ends with a beautiful message of putting aside all differences and uniting with one another for a time of family celebration.

Catch the star-studded cast in action, including Malaysian favourites such as Jinnyboy, Amber Chia, Pink Tan, and many more

Amber Chia, Jinny Boy

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Ever thought you would see Amber Chia and Jinnyboy as a married couple? Or how about all your favourite influencers breaking out into song and dance? One thing's for sure, these Malaysian celebrities know how to put on a show! Their amazing acting will convince you that they are really part of a TVB drama or a musical!

Besides being mesmeried by the A-list cast's acting, their amazing costumes will also surely wow you

Check out the gorgeous details!

Image via Watsons
Image via Watsons

The music video is produced and directed with an original, comical storyline and a charming song arrangement

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A song composed to revolve around siblings stealing their eldest sister's stuff, that's just how creative this whole video is! Not to mention, the melody is also super catchy and could totally pass of as a legit song you would hear on the radio.

Also, a Watsons video will not be complete without their #HappyBeautifulYear Chinese New Year song, the unforgettable jingle that has been at the heart of all their CNY promos for years. Don't be surprised if you start dancing together with them because the song is just that catchy!

Watsons wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! May your year be filled with bundles of happiness and good fortune!

Image via Watsons

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