People Are Selling Yakult Straws For Up To RM3,000 Coz They're Now "Vintage Collectibles"

"A collectible worth investing in," said one seller.

Cover image via Carousell Singapore / Instagram @kambalelong13

Wow, who would've thought that these tiny plastic straws could be worth so much $$$$?

It all began when Yakult Singapore announced that it will no longer include straws in its products at the end of December 2018.

In line with their eco-friendly stance, the cultured milk brand encouraged customers to drink "directly from the bottle by removing the foil cap".

Now that the straws are no longer in the market, they seem to have acquired "vintage" status... or at least that's what these enterprising Singaporeans are saying:

Yep, people are actually selling these little plastic tubes on Carousell. Initially spotted by Singaporean portal Mothership, the straws are being sold for as low as SGD1 (RM3.03):

Some are listed for SGD88 to SGD200 for a brand new packet of five straws. Check out that convincing sales pitch though. :p

"The popular everyday probiotic beverage, Yalkult, were once packaged with straws. Today, they are nowhere to be found - succumbed to the growing trend of strawlessness.

$199 sounds silly now, but surely, this a collectable worth investing to share stories for generations to come."


And then there's this guy selling a "rare" Yakult straw for a whoppin' SGD1,000 (RM3,032) because "only got one left in Singapore"

We don't know about you, but there's no way we're gonna "invest" in plastic straws. On that note, if you'd rather sip from a cup, go for metal straws instead, ok?

If you're hoping to lead a greener lifestyle in 2019, consider switching your plastic toothbrushes to bamboo ones:

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