Why Using Metal Straws Is Actually A Thing Now And Where To Get One

Plastic straws are like, so passé, for good reasons.

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Plastic straws are common in our daily lives.

We see and use them almost everywhere — at mamak stalls to the stores that sell your favourite fruit juice and smoothies.

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However, would you consider refusing a plastic straw?

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You see, I was out with a friend recently when I realised that he declined a plastic straw from the cashier when he was getting an iced latte from his favourite coffee shop.

Moments later, I watched him as he stuck his hand into his bag and dug out a shiny straw. He used that metal straw and sipped his latte happily.

I asked him a simple "why" and he gave me a lengthy explanation, explaining that he has been doing this ever since he learned about how excessive disposable plastic items such as straws and bags have been polluting the environment.

Before I could stop him, my friend proceeded to show me this video which went viral a few years ago, showing a team of scientists pulling out a plastic straw lodged in an endangered sea turtle's nostril.

Needless to say, I'm never going to get that horrifying image out of my head anytime soon...

... but that's beside the point, because my friend's main idea was to give me a suggestion to consider getting stainless steel straws for my own usage

I thought about it and can't help but to think that this idea is quite brilliant actually.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the most environmentally conscious person, although I do religiously carry my own water bottle and make full use of reusable bags whenever I can.  

However, honestly, I've never considered the fact that there are actually more eco-friendly options in terms of straw usage. 

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I was a little ignorant and didn't realise that there are more eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws, from glass to bamboo

Early adopters of reusable straws have favoured stainless steel ones not only because of their trendy looks, but mainly because they are ideal for just about any occasion and more durable.

Many establishments around the world have become more aware of the waste they provide and they've got rid of plastic straws all together and started offering other more eco-friendly alternatives instead.

Closer to home, the practice of using reusable straws has also started to pick up in Malaysia. It's not limited to just establishments, as even individuals like my friend have decided to make plastic straws' days numbered.

I was really curious where to get metal straws ever since my friend told me about them as I haven't really seen one for myself.

Then I realised that they're actually available online.

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A seller is offering a set of eight stainless steel straws as well as two brushes for cleaning on Lazada.

According to a customer who left a review, this is apparently much cheaper than buying them from a retailer from a mall in KL. 

So, if you're thinking of getting one (like me), it's probably a good idea to check it out. 

And if you already have one, don't leave your straw behind when you head out! ;)

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