7 Handy Tips That'll Make Moving Into A New Home A Hassle-Free Experience

Moving won't seem like such a headache now

Cover image via Ryu Orn (Unsplash) & Go Store It

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1. First things first, plan ahead and budget accordingly

Image via Lalamove

Preparing for a move is not something that should be done last minute. The whole process could take months or weeks — from taking logistics into consideration to recruiting help from friends and family according to their availability.

Beforehand, check and compare prices for different movers with vehicles that are suited for your bigger furniture items and smaller boxes. On top of that, some furniture items may need dismantling which would take up more time and manpower. So, plan ahead for the dismantling to be done before loading up the items during move in day. Also, remember that the later you book moving services, the more expensive it gets.

2. Create a moving checklist

With so many things running through your head, it's hard to remember exactly what items you have packed, bought or need for your new home. These are the times when a checklist is your best partner.

From preparing an inventory list of items being delivered to a list of things to get done before, during, and after the move, having all these things physically written out on paper or even in a notes app will help you unload some of your mental stress. And, it's so satisfying to check off tasks on your checklist, which leaves you feeling accomplished! :D

3. Time to get into Marie Kondo mood and declutter!

Before you even start packing your belongings, take a good look at what you have and what you actually need to bring along. Chances are, there are lots of things at home that are just taking up space. Declutter and only bring necessities to your new place, future you will thank you for it!

Start by going through the items in each room of your house, and make three separate piles for things to keep, throw, and donate. Do also keep in mind the amount of space you have in your new home when deciding what items should be kept. 

4. Get boxes and organise your items into categories

Once you're done decluttering, get yourself some boxes (you can try your nearest sundry shop), and start organising your items according to categories. For example, put all your fancier clothing into one box and your daily clothing into another. This way, when you move, you can unpack the boxes in the appropriate rooms. And depending on priority, you can start by unpacking the more important and essential items, and only unpack the rest when you have more time on your hands.

For easier reference and seamless transporting of items, label each side of your boxes clearly (you can even color code them) and indicate which side is to be carried upwards. It's best if you already know which boxes go where in your new house, so the movers can put them in the right place. 

5. Pack a survival kit bag for emergencies

With your belongings tucked away into various boxes, it's best for you to prepare a bag of essential items just in case of emergencies. Pack up few days worth of clothes, electronics (including their chargers), toiletries, some snacks, and your important personal documents like passports and marriage certificates in a weekender bag.

You never know what might happen during a move, so it is better to keep essential items on hand. 

Pro tip: Have your valuables like mobile phone, jewellery, bank cards, and cash in a sling bag on you when you have movers walking in and out of your house. 

6. Recruit all the help you can get on moving day

Image via Go Store It

With everything all packed and ready to go, plan for a day to move all your belongings into your new home. Call in your favours and get a couple of strong friends to help you with the move — trust us, you won't wanna do it alone. Plus, if possible, try to start moving the little things first ahead of time to save yourself some trouble.

If you have children or pets, get friends or family to babysit them or arrange for them to go to a daycare or pet boarding house. This will help you focus on moving and speed up the process of transporting as well.

7. Make a final run through before saying goodbye

After your items are moved out of the old house, throw away all the unwanted leftover items, do some light cleaning, and go through each room again to see if you've missed anything. 

The original furniture items of the house should be in good condition or else you will need to repair or replace them before receiving back your deposit. 

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6. Long haul services
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