Here Are Two Ways You Can Own Your Dream Home With EcoWorld In 2019

This is how you can buy your dream home today!

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Owning a home could be one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever have to make

According to 'The 2019 Malaysian Home Survey', 1 in 5 Malaysians said their major roadblock to buying a home was “worrying about making the wrong decision”.

23% of Malaysians found it difficult to afford the downpayment and 13% were unable to get their desired loan margin. Also, one in three Malaysians were not ready to compromise their current lifestyle to pay for the high monthly instalments.

Nevertheless, having a place of your own can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life

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Ultimately, most Malaysians want to buy a home so they can feel a sense of ownership. In fact, 7 in 10 Malaysians would consider buying a home in 2019 with the introduction of new government initiatives such as the recent Home Ownership Campaign.

To help Malaysians own their dream home, EcoWorld launched a home ownership programme called HOPE in January 2019

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HOPE was designed to make it easier for Malaysians to own an EcoWorld property. This home ownership programme includes two methods—Stay2Own and Help2Own, to help purchasers start their home ownership journey.

Here's how you can benefit from both these programmes:

1. Stay2Own - Lock down your property price today

With Stay2Own, you can start living in an EcoWorld home immediately. All you have to do is pay a 3-month rental deposit and monthly rentals thereafter. The great thing is you get to lock down your purchase price for up to five years while you decide whether you want to buy the home.

Once you're ready to buy the home, you can switch to a traditional mortgage plan. Besides that, you get to convert a portion of the rental already paid into part of your downpayment, making it much easier to get started on your home ownership journey.

Who this is for:
First time homebuyers, upgraders who want flexibility

  • Hassle-free, no loan application required
  • Live in your dream home without major commitments
  • Low initial cost of 3-month rental deposit
  • Lock in your purchase price today for up to five years
  • Convert at least 30% of your rental already paid into part of your downpayment

2. #Help2Own - Upgrade to a new home with flexible financing

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Help2Own is for homebuyers who are ready to commit purchasing a home. With this programme, all you need to do is pay 5% of the property value and get a 70% loan from the bank, while EcoWorld helsp to take care of the rest.

Who this is for:
Homebuyers who are ready to take a housing loan/mortgage

  • Lower cash commitment at only 5% of the property value
  • Easier approval for bank loans, only 70% housing loan is needed

Check out some of the EcoWorld properties you can own with their HOPE campaign:

Eco Forest

Image via EcoWorld

Eco Ardence

Image via EcoWorld

Eco Grandeur

Image via EcoWorld

Eco Majestic

Image via EcoWorld

Eco Sky

Image via EcoWorld

Eco Meadows

Image via EcoWorld

Eco Tropics

Image via EcoWorld

Eco Spring

Image via EcoWorld

For the full list of EcoWorld properties, visit their website today.

The great thing about staying in an EcoWorld home is that you can enjoy all kinds of amenities within a secure gated and guarded community

At EcoWorld homes, you get to experience:

  • A gated, guarded neighbourhood - with state-of-the-art security systems

  • Amenities like swimming pools, gym, backlane gardens, children's playground, and designated bicycle lanes

  • Landmarks like signature gazebos and lakes

  • Top-notch facilities and landscaping

Ready to move into an EcoWorld home? Find out more about their HOPE campaign and how you can own your dream home today!

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