Here's How You Can Report A**hole Drivers In Malaysia

Let's be considerate road users.

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Imagine this: You are peacefully driving back to your hometown when a car speeds down the right lane and suddenly swerves into your lane forcing you to slam on your brakes

Reckless drivers are a huge pain, especially when they misuse emergency lanes and constantly cut lanes just to "get back faster".

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According to the Road Transport Department of Malaysia (JPJ), here is how you can report careless road users

First, start by listing down your full details in an email:

- Full name,
- Identification card number (IC),
- Phone number, and
- Address.

Then, state the traffic offence that was committed together with the following information

Include the details below:
- Brief complaint report, 
- Date and time of the incident,
- Place of occurrence,
- Type of vehicle, 
- Vehicle registration number, and
- Photos, videos, or related documents to serve as evidence.

Once you have all of the information listed, send the email to [email protected]

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JPJ will then issue an inquiry notice to the vehicle driver to provide further information on the offence

If they are found to have broken the law, the offender will be issued a summon by the authorities.

According to Bernama, some of the offences includes: 

- Misusing of emergency lanes,
- Following too close behind vehicles, and
- Cutting traffic queues.

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For CNY 2019, the emergency lane on two sections of the North-South Expressway will be opened to ease traffic:

Just don't be a little b**ch on the road or you may be slapped with an instant RM300 fine: