Here's What CHi Fitness Has To Say About Taking In True Fitness Members

True Fitness said that it made arrangements with CHi Fitness for its members.

Cover image via CHi Fitness

Two days after True Fitness shut its businesses in Malaysia, claiming to have made arrangements with another fitness chain, CHi Fitness, for its members to continue, CHi Fitness has issued a statement

In the statement posted on its website today, 12 June, CHi Fitness has said that there is no agreement with True Fitness to honour membership transfers.

"In light of the recent True Fitness closure, we would like to clarify that we have no contract or arrangement to honour or take over any commitment from True Fitness."

While CHi Fitness added that True Fitness was in the process of purchasing 2,000 monthly passes, they have not finalised the sale

"True Fitness has approached CHi Fitness to purchase 2,000 monthly passes to CHi gyms in Klang Valley (except Nexus and Bangsar Shopping Center branches) to be passed on to their members. As of now, we have not finalised the sale," read the statement posted on CHi Fitness website.

Additionally, The Star Online quoted CHi Fitness operations director Ashley Paulus as saying that, "We were never approached or offered to take over their membership, their database or to honour any of the lifetime memberships with True Fitness.

"We only have control over providing month-to-month memberships and making sure that good care is taken of our members when they come to our gym."

CHi Fitness added that...

"If you are the recipient of a CHi Fitness 1 month membership that True Fitness has purchased for their existing members, we will honour them when they are sold."

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