How Coconut Water Can Help You Stay Hydrated And Productive This Ramadan

It's a great way to load up on electrolytes!

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Ramadan is truly a month of healing, both mentally and physically. Fasting isn't only a humbling form of ibadah, it also provides a long list of health benefits!

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When it comes to resetting your system for better health, fasting is widely believed to be one of the best options, particularly for its detoxification benefits.

Fasting also helps to induce the body into a ketosis state, where the body starts to burn fat reserves for energy. Among the benefits of ketosis include lowered inflammation, weight loss, slowing of aging, better body composition, and more. 

The biggest challenge, however, is to ensure the body is sufficiently and properly hydrated while fasting

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At a time when you'd most want to be productive with everyday tasks and additional religious activities, being dehydrated can drastically hamper your efforts. Being dehydrated doesn't allow your body to function optimally, which can lead to fatigue, dizzy spells, and dry skin, among other things.

Although water is the common go-to hydration pick, functional foods like coconut water have added nutrients that can greatly help to keep you hydrated and energised throughout the fasting month

Functional foods are those with a specific set of nutrients that add on to their health benefits. Yoghurt is a common example of this, with its probiotic properties that help with digestion.

The biggest perk of coconut water? Electrolytes!

Electrolytes are naturally-occurring minerals in food and in the body. This electrically-charged substance can be easily absorbed on a cellular level, resulting in more efficient hydration.

On top of that, taking sufficient electrolytes can help to maintain a healthy electrolytes balance in the body, along with balancing pH levels, detoxifying, and aiding in brain-related functions.

Commercial isotonic drinks may be a common choice to increase electrolytes intake, but their added minerals content is more suited for serious athletes, in most cases. For a natural option that's suitable for everyone, coconut water's the way to go! =)

Tip: To keep refreshed and hydrated during the fasting month, you can drink some coconut water towards the last 5 to 10 minutes of sahur

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Having it for buka puasa is a great way to replenish fluids too. In the same way that dates can quickly replenish energy, coconut water is quickly absorbed and breaking your fast with it can help give the body all the hydration it needs.

KARTA Coconut Water offers a convenient way for you to get your electrolytes boost this Ramadan!

The brand uses Tetra Prisma Aseptic packaging to ensure naturally-occuring electrolytes from the fresh coconut water are preserved in their convenient ready-to-drink packs!

KARTA Coconut Water is made from coconut water harvested directly from the tropical islands of Indonesia. The fresh coconut water is extracted and processed through Direct UHT Sterilisation Technology to ensure the products are of the safest standards.

Plus, it's budget-friendly too! The 1-litre pack ranges between RM7 to RM8, which is equivalent to the volume of water obtained from 3.5 fresh coconuts. To compare, 
fresh coconuts are generally priced an upwards of RM4 per coconut.

Stay refreshed, hydrated, and energised with KARTA Coconut Water! Find out more about the goodness of KARTA here.

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