[VIDEO] We Asked M'sians If They've Heard Of This Viral Skincare Product On Social Media

Most people we asked have never tried skincare products that went viral on social media.

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What skincare products do Malaysians use to tackle acne-prone skin? We hit the streets of KL to find out!

Watch the full video below:

First things first, we wanted to know if Malaysians used any specific skincare products to target skin issues like acne-prone skin

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Random Malaysian 1: "I'm using skincare products that help me to control my oil."

Random Malaysian 2: "I just try lah, it's not every time I use the same brands."

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Random Malaysian 3: "I use sunscreen and the usual, cleanser, toner, moisturiser."

Random Malaysian 4: "Cleanser, then after shower, I use toner, moisturiser, and sunscreen."

Next, we asked them whether they had actually tried any skincare products that went viral on social media

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Random Malaysian 5: "I tried before, but I think not really good for my skin."

Random Malaysian 6:
"So far, no, because I don't really know if they're approved by the medical [authorities]."

While each person had different skincare habits and routines, almost everyone said they'd be more keen to try out products that were recommended by experts or professionals

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Random Malaysian 7: "I guess so, at least there's some legitimacy I guess."

Random Malaysian 3: "Definitely, if it's recommended by experts."

Random Malaysian 8: "Definitely, since I don't know much about skincare products."

Little did they know that they would be given the opportunity to try the Eucerin ProACNE Solution range, which is dermatologically and clinically-tested. Just look at how happy they are! :D

Image via SAYS

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