Experiencing A Flooded House? Malaysians Share How To Clean And What Tools Are Needed

Or if you want to help others but don't know where to start.

Cover image via @_syazwanrahman (Twitter)

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Malaysians have been sharing what items are needed to help those affected by the recent flood devastation

In a Twitter thread that has gone viral, @magmalaya asked the public to share the things needed during this time and how we can help each other.

If you're experiencing a flooded house or want to lend a helping hand to those affected, here are some suggested items to have or donate to others:

1. Wheelbarrows and shovels
2. Water jets
3. Tanks for the waterjets
4. Heavy-duty plastic bags
5. Gloves
6. Generators
7. Squeegees
8. Brushes
9. Dippers
10. Buckets
11. Mops
12. Floor detergents and/or any other cleaning agents
13. Slippers / spare clothes to donate to those who have lost their belongings 
14. Extension plugs for generators

Manpower is also critical in an emergency like this. Here's a list of organisations and initiatives that are helping flood victims.

If you own a pickup truck or a lorry, even better as some areas may be severely affected and the regular car may not be able to enter.

Others shared that you can prepare meals or donate food and items, such as biscuits, bread, water / boxed drinks, and paper utensils. Be prepared for scenarios where there is no water or electricity.

Several Malaysians have since offered tips on how to clean a flooded house

Digital content creator Khairul Amin tweeted a list of things to do and to avoid when cleaning.

"1. Start with the bedroom. Cleaning efforts might take weeks, you'll need a proper place to rest.
2. Do not turn on any electrical appliances that were affected by the floodwaters, even if they're all dried up.
3. Prioritise washing fabrics and carpets.
4. Put mattresses outside of the house, don't burn them because the smoke will be horrible
5. Clean the drains so water can flow.
6. If you're repainting, use oil-based paint. If another flood occurs, you won't see the 'water stains'.
7. Dried mud and a foul stench will take weeks to naturally clear off or flush away with rainwater.
8. Let the experts handle any affected cars, motorcycles, etc. Don't do it yourself."

Twitter user @changing_shade suggests opening up and cleaning certain electronic goods with distilled water and drying them in the sun for four to five days.

Another Twitter user, Faisal Rahim, shares his previous experience dealing with floods.

He advises to only return to clean the house once the water level reaches the calves.

He adds to start by removing all carpets and rugs and placing them outside of the house. Then, remove furniture like mattresses and other items that have absorbed water or are affected by the floodwaters.

When the water level reaches the ankles, return to clean the mud and dirt (if any) from the walls and floors. 

"If you return when the waters have completely dried up, there may be mud on the walls and floors. So you will need a lot of water to clean them all up."

Some other things to take note of during this monsoon season: