Follow These 8 Simple Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Hotel Stay

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1. Don't ask for a room upgrade in front of other guests

Free room upgrades are rare, but not unheard of. If you're thinking of trying your luck by asking for one, your best bet is to ask during check-in, and make sure that no other guests are within earshot.

Even if the hotel is able to give you a free upgrade, they'll be less likely to agree when other guests are around, to prevent too many people asking for the same thing. You can also increase your chances by dressing up nicely (smart casual is usually a good guide) and asking politely.

And if a free room upgrade is really unavailable, you can try asking for other improvements within your existing room category such as a better view, more desirable location, or larger bed size. These types of upgrades should come at no extra cost.

2. Connect Netflix to your hotel room TV

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Don't worry, it's totally not complicated at all. Just make sure to bring along a HDMI cable with you. Then all you have to do is hook up your laptop/tablet/smartphone to the hotel room TV's HDMI port and you're good to go! Binge watch your favourite Netflix shows to your heart's content.

3. Book directly through the hotel

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This is actually the best way to get discounts and upgrades, especially if you're booking during off-peak seasons when occupancy is generally low. If you book from alternative sites, you might get a discounted rate but will be less likely to get any additional perks from the hotel itself. Some hotels actually even have special rates and benefits for customers who book directly with them.

For example, selected Sunway Hotels have eight awesome benefits to reward guests who book directly from their website - exclusive members rate, complimentary late check-out, exclusive members check-in lane, complimentary massage, dining deals, free shopping vouchers, birthday month treat, and complimentary premium Wi-Fi.

4. Take advantage of the hotel spa

Checking out in the afternoon but only flying off later in the evening? Just give the front desk and spa staff a heads up and they'll usually be more than happy to let you chill at the pool, sauna, or use the spa's services while you kill time.

If you're one to usually skip out on the spa because you think it's too expensive, you'd be surprised by how many discounts and special rates there actually are for hotel guests. Just ask to find out! Psst, morning appointments can sometimes be cheaper because less people book those slots.

5. Let the hotel know if you're celebrating any special occasions

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Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, graduation, promotion, engagement, wedding, or whatever other occasion you may be celebrating, just let the hotel staff know in advance and casually remind the front desk when you check in. 

They'll most likely be thrilled to help make your day more special whether it's by offering you perks for an additional charge, special discounts, or sometimes even throwing in some complimentary treats and/or services.

6. Keep staying at the same hotel

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Hotels love rewarding their returning customers. So if you travel to the same destination often, it only makes sense for you to keep staying at the same hotel. If you had a great experience the first time, let them know that that's why you've returned.

The more regular of a customer you are, especially if you build up a good relationship with the hotel staff and are a good guest that doesn't cause any problems, the more likely you'll be on the receiving end of additional perks.

7. Request for a takeaway breakfast if you like to sleep in

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We can all agree that one of the best things about staying in hotels is the buffet breakfast right? But if you're the kind that loves to sleep in and get a late start to your day, some hotels will allow you to request for a takeaway breakfast to be delivered to your room.

If the room you booked came with breakfast included, this takeaway option shouldn't cost you extra. Of course what you get won't be as wide of a spread as the buffet, but you can still have a lovely breakfast right there in your room.

8. Don't be afraid to ask for extras

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Forgot something at home or ran into an unexpected problem? Ask the hotel staff if they have what you need before running out to buy it. Besides the usual requests for extra toiletries, pillows, water/coffee/tea, and other basic items, you can also ask for stuff like phone chargers, adapters, umbrellas, sanitary pads, plasters, and more. 

Hotels are usually stocked with all these necessities so don't be afraid and ask away! The worst that'll happen is they'll say no. Most hotels will give or lend you these extra things for free but some do charge for them so do check on that as well.

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