How To Grocery Shop Like A Pro So You Get The Best Experience & Savings Every Week

There's a science to shopping smart ;)

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1. Don't shop on an empty tummy

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When you do groceries on an empty tummy, you'll totally end up spending on snacks and overbuying food you don't actually need. It's much better to shop on a full stomach, that way you'll only get the necessary groceries and save a lot of money.

2. Plan your meals ahead of time and bring a list

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Making a meal plan doesn't have to be complicated. Think about two or three dinners, list the ingredients needed to make those meals, then add some snacks and easy breakfast foods. This is the single easiest and most efficient way to save money and time on your groceries!

3. Buy less canned and packaged convenience foods

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Fresh produce is much cheaper than canned goods. Shop for local fruits and veggies when they're in season to get the most bang for your buck. While pre-packaged meals are convenient, cooking from scratch is not only more affordable, it also tends to be healthier too!

4. Don’t automatically overlook no-name or store brands

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One of the best ways to save money on groceries is to buy store brands! They tend to be less expensive than branded goods, yet are still good quality. Products to consider buying are dry goods like noodles and household supplies like garbage bags. You never try, you never know!

5. When you’re picking out chicken, look at the colour of the flesh, texture, and odour

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Fresh chicken meat should have pink flesh and when you hold it, it should feel springy and firm rather than stiff or overly soft. If you see blood, this may be a sign that the meat has been frozen and thawed several times, which is not a good thing. There should be no bloody spots on your chicken.

6. For the freshest fish, check the eyes, the colour of the gills, the firmness of the stomach, and the scales

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Fish eyes should be clear and firm rather than cloudy and sunken.Meanwhile, you want the gills to be bright red rather than brownish. Look for a firm stomach, if the insides are starting to spill out, do not buy that fish. Finally, fresh fish would have the scales firmly intact to its skin.

7. If you're buying fresh meat, take note of the colour, firmness, odour, and clean cuts that are uniform

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Fresh meat will have a rich, red colour. If it is brownish or dull, the chances are the meat has been sitting out for a while. The meat should be springy, so if your finger leaves an indentation, it's probably not a good pick. Finally, fresh beef is generally odourless, so if it gives off a smell, give it a pass.

8. When shopping for fresh produce, look for bright colours, heavy weight, firmness, and aroma

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Go for fruits and vegetables with the brightest colours. Dull colours usually mean the item is not fully ripe or was deprived of sun or nutrients. Generally, the heaviest fruits will be juicy and crisp, while lightweight produce tend to be more dry and mealy. Meanwhile, your produce should be plump and firm to touch, but not hard. Finally, give your produce a sniff. Unripe fruits smell like nothing, but ripe ones tend to be fragrant.

9. Buy baked goods later in the day for an extra discount

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Most grocery store bakeries will slash their prices near the evening in order to finish their inventory before the market closes. It’s the perfect way for you to get your fill of yummy carbs at reduced prices!

10. Hit the frozen aisle last on your grocery trip

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Adding them to your cart at the start of your trip will cause them to thaw as you complete your grocery list, making them less fresh when you finally get home.

11. Use a trusted membership card to collect points and rewards

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Membership cards provide lots of rewards that will benefit you. From exclusive discounts and privileges to point redemption and conversion to cash, it’s always a great hack to sign up for membership to your preferred grocery store.

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