How To Know If The Fish You're Picking Out Is Actually Fresh

Plus, find out how you can keep the fish flavourful using ice cold water and salt.

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Is one of your adulting goals to buy ikan like a pro?

Don't worry. You don't have to be swift as a coursing river to get your supply of fresh fish.

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Use this guide the next time you're out shopping to get the freshest pick:

1. Check the eyes

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The eyes are one of the simplest ways to tell whether the fish is fresh or otherwise. Look out for those with bright and clear eyes, with a firm texture. If you see cloudy, wrinkly eyes, most likely the fish has been sitting there for quite a while.

2. Check the colour of the gills

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Lift the flap on either side of the head to get a look at the gills. The redder it is, the fresher the fish is. Don't get the ones with brownish or grayish gills.

3. Feel the stomach

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To get the freshest pick, you'll need to get ones with a firm stomach area. If it feels soft, no longer holds its shape, or if the insides are starting to spill out, they shouldn't end up in your shopping cart.

4. Check the scales

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Fresh fish would have the scales firmly intact to its skin. If the scales seem to be coming off easily, it's an indicator that the fish is no longer fresh.

Now that you know how to look out for the freshest fish, make sure you keep them right too! Follow these freezing tips:

1. Before freezing fish, make sure it's first gutted and scaled. Whether you're buying your fish at the wet market or from a hypermarket, most places will clean the fish up for you when requested.
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2. Soak the fish in cold salt water (1 tablespoon of salt to 4 cups of ice cold water) for about 10 minutes. This will help the fish to retain its moisture, giving it a better flavour when cooked.
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3. Rinse the fish and place it in a ziploc bag. If you have a vacuum seal, all the better, as less air will make it less likely for the fish to get freezer burn. They will generally keep for about 2 to 3 months in the freezer.

Now go forth and shop!

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