How To Store Mandarin Oranges To Keep Them Fresh Way Past CNY

Never keep them in the box they came in.

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You know CNY is here when your house starts looking like a mandarin orange warehouse

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These sweet little things are so yummy, super addictive... but also extremely gedik. Their thin skin gets easily damaged, making them highly perishable.

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Mandarin oranges don't typically last as long as other types of oranges, but you can use this storing guide to keep them fresh for longer:

Step 1: Remove them from the red kotak they came in

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The fruits need some space to breathe and keeping them in the box creates poor ventilation, making it easier for them to spoil.

Start by picking out those with bruises or that are already softened, and serve these first. Be sure to handle the fruit carefully too as the skin can easily get damaged. Yes, they're quite the diva but it's all worth it when you're enjoying sweet, fresh mandarins at the end of the day.

Step 2: Keep them in a shallow, well-ventilated container

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Remove plastic wrappings, if any, as they will trap moisture. Place them in a shallow container for better air circulation. Remember, they need to breathe, so avoid deep containers. Also, try to keep them arranged in a single layer, if possible.

Step 3: Find a cool, dry area to keep them in

To keep the mandarins fresh for as long as possible, there are two things you'll want to avoid: Dampness and high temperatures. Avoid keeping your fruits in areas near the sink, stove or oven. 

Storing them at room temperature in a cool, dry area will keep them fresh for up to two weeks, but it would be good to periodically check on them and remove those that may have gone soft from the pile.

Step 4: Chill them if needed

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You can choose to refrigerate mandarin oranges if you like eating them cold. The flavour may change slightly, but they'll remain fresh nonetheless.

If you have leftovers from those stored at room temperature that have not been eaten after two weeks, it's a good idea to chill them too to prolong their freshness. Pack them loosely in a paper bag and keep them in the fruit drawer of the refrigerator. This will make them stay fresh for another week.

Step 5: Keep them in the freezer

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If you still have leftovers, it's time to take the next step: freeze them! Doing this will allow you to continue enjoying them for the next 10 months to come.

For better texture and taste after defrosting, keep the mandarins whole. Place them in an airtight ziploc bag and place them in the freezer. 

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