If Roti Canai And Mee Goreng Had A Baby, This Would Be Their Very Yummy Child

That looks goooood.

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The roti canai needs no introduction. Eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or whenever you're feeling peckish, the flatbread has been one of Malaysia's staple foods for as long as anyone can remember.

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From eating it plain with dhal and/or sugar, the roti canai has also inspired an assortment of different rotis when combined with more ingredients, such as roti telur, roti pisang, roti bom, roti bawang, and many, many more.

Then, we recently discovered that a certain restaurant in Klang Valley has been shredding up roti canai and stir-frying it with other ingredients! They call it - roti canai goreng.

Image via En Wei Facebook

The roti canai goreng pictured above is served in Macha & Co. Banana Leaf Restaurant at The Curve.

The roti canai goreng is made by shredding or slicing the roti canai into strips, then stir-frying it with ingredients like eggs, onions, carrots, cabbage, and even meat

Image via En Wei Facebook

Some of you might notice that the dish bears a resemblance to kothu parotta, a popular South Indian delicacy.

We did a little digging to see if the dish is served anywhere else in Malaysia. Turns out, roti canai goreng has been around for several years and is indeed a popular dish in several mamak eateries.

Thanks to Instagram, we now know that Nathan's Corner in OUG, Ram's Corner Mamak in Klang, al-Alif Bistro in Kota Kemuning, 868 Mamak in Serdang, and Seetharam in Brickfields serves roti canai goreng as well. :D

Have you tried the roti canai goreng before? Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below!

Ever heard of roti tsunami or roti jantan? Now you do:

Meanwhile, a Singaporean restaurant went viral recently after putting really bright colours into their roti canai - or as they call it, roti prata:

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