IGOTW: Meet @TrishAtes, The Instagrammer Who Makes Every Day A Perfect Looking Lazy Sunday

In our first Instagrammer Of The Week, we have Trisha Toh, the spunky Malaysian who creates pictures of weekends you have only dreamt of.

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Trisha Toh may not be a name familiar to you but you might be familiar with her Instagram account, trishates which has a strong following of almost 60k followers

Well-known for her self-taught photography and still life styling, her pictures look like they were pulled right out from a moment in time. Also, she's got this killer knack of making your tummy rumble for food (and adventure)!

What's more she has a personal flair of making anything look like it's straight out from a lifestyle magazine (think Kinfolk). She can even style your average local food to look like it's from somewhere fancy!

If you couldn't guess what this is at first glance, look again. Those unique curls in the noodles would tell you it's the humble student's go-to-meal, Maggi mee.

She's got the same magical touch with home-cooked food as well, turning mum's comfort food into a 5-star delicacy

Beautifully-styled food aside, her feed is full of beautiful places ranging from her travels to far away lands...

To our very own humble Malaysian backyards

This photo was taken at Sekeping Serendah, located in Malaysia.

A scroll through her profile, which has been on Instagram's "Recommended To Follow" list shows you she's a fan of delicious breakfast places, mostly taken at the golden hour

And they're accompanied by scrumptious looking meals of course!

If you think it looks good when she eats out, wait till you see what she can whip up at home

It's a feast for the eyes!

And breakfasts in bed that we can only dream of!

Trisha's success has her collaborating in many projects, such as #EatYourWords, a really cool food x typography mash-up in collaboration with other creatives

Image via Trisha Toh

She's also done very successful food composition workshops in Singapore and Amsterdam!

However, her biggest achievement to date would probably be being selected as one of the 7 locals to be featured in Malaysia's first ever mobile photography exhibition at D6 Sentul

It was titled Chasing Squares and was a curation on different points of view about what we chase in life.

3 fast questions with Trisha:

Why did you pick Instagram as your medium?

Trisha: I have always had a passion for food. Over the years, however, my love for food has been renewed with my love for photography and the desire to keep on shooting. Instagram allows me to continuously practise both my two passions.

What is your preferred style of shooting?

Trisha: I love top-down shots. It gives me the opportunity to style my plates and get creative.

How long does it take for you to snap that perfect a shot?

Trisha: I tend to take my time when composing my photos, so I’m never satisfied with just one shot. I believe in taking as many photos as I can to the best of my ability. That’s when I get picky and spend a ridiculous amount of time choosing the shot.

As if she's not cool enough, wait till you see her architecture composition shots!

Check out the rest of Trisha's work here

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