From 1951 To Now: How Dream Homes Have Evolved According To IKEA Catalogue Covers


  • Moving into a new home is never quite complete without a trip to IKEA

    • Whether it's window shopping, actual shopping, or simply tapau-ing a bag of curry puffs, the furniture company has always been inviting for all. 

      If you're a part of their mailing list, you may have also enjoyed flipping through their super thin-papered catalogues while planning your dream home.

  • For decades, the Swedish furniture giant has paved the way for practical home interior designs.

    Based on their past catalogue covers, here's how the perfect home looked like over the years:

    • The company's communication copywriters officially released these old photos of their covers on Pinterest starting with the first ever IKEA issue in 1951.

  • In the '50s, IKEA kept their catalogue covers pretty simple with only a few furniture designs and some sketches

  • By the time the '60s rolled round, their covers showcased wooden sofas and vintage items you may recognise from your grandparents' house

    • Things like vintage radio players and aerial mini television sets on the covers show us just how far we've come with technology today.

  • During the 1970s, retro designs became even more apparent as IKEA started to include real-life models dressed in true '70s fashion on their covers

  • The company has always been big on making sure that their products are versatile and easy-to-store-away, just like this foldable sofa bed seen on their 1973 catalogue cover

    • In line with their business motto, IKEA emphasises on selling quality furniture for a fraction of the price.

      The sentence on their 1979 issue translated means: "Good furniture doesn't have to be expensive".

  • The '80s was a colourful era in fashion, music, and home designs

    • It was a time where Michael Jackson and Madonna topped music billboards. In the fashion world, makeup was worn boldly, and clashing colours and loud patterns were considered trendy.

      Likewise, home interior designs also followed with bright colours and patterns.

  • Plain sofa fabrics were replaced with splashes of colour, flowers, and stripes

    • Drawers, lampshades, and tea towels were also made up of bright colours and patterns.

  • Towards the end of the '80s and moving into the '90s, furniture designs started to shift to having more classic features...

  • ... while still maintaining some vibrant elements

  • As we entered into the 21st century, neutral colours started to appear and designs took on a more minimalistic tone

  • The growth of Internet during the 2000s also made technology more obvious in homes and workspaces

    • Laptops, fax machines, and large television screens were infused into everyday life at home based on some of their covers.

  • Finally, in 2018 we see intricate designs and bright colours seemingly making a comeback from the '80s

  • Which decade is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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