10 Inspiring Acts Of Kindness And Unity That Brought Malaysians Together This Year

Real-life stories that gave us hope and comfort.

Cover image via Muhammad Aizuddin II/Radin Danial (Edited)

1. When a bilal in Penang offered shelter to non-Muslim flood victims in a surau

Image via NST

Sapno Tukijo, a bilal of the Taman Free School surau, didn't care that he was subjected to criticism by people who opined that non-Muslims victims should be placed elsewhere.

"As long as their lives are saved (I don't care). I would be left feeling guilty if I had just ignored their plight."

Following the incident, more jumped to Sapno's defence and commended him for doing the right thing.

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2. When a young girl took matters into her own hands to make sure that other passengers on the MRT could enjoy a clean ride

Malaysians were touched after finding out about this civic-minded young girl who wanted to make sure that the carbonated drink spilled on the floor by another passenger wouldn't leave a sticky stain.

The passenger had already wiped the spilled drink off the floor, but the girl, later identified as Angeline, took an extra precaution for a more thorough cleaning.

Netizens showered her with praises and said that the public should follow her example.

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3. When three strangers came together to rescue a dog that was stranded on a busy highway

Three men braved the dangerous traffic and spent an hour rescuing a frightened canine off the busy Damansara-Puchong highway (LDP).

"I liked the fact that we came together, regardless of race, to help save a life," said Anas Saiful Azhar, one of the three men who saved the dog.

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4. When a French tourist lost his phone in Malaysia, but quickly recovered his missing belonging thanks to helpful Malaysians who spread the word on social media

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Yves Moncla, a tourist from France, did not realise that he left his phone in a stranger's car whom he hitched a ride from.

In his attempts to find his missing phone, he made a banner and Malaysians who spotted it quickly and spread the word.

"Malaysia is awesome!!!! Thank you so much everybody, you are like a big family, I will remember about your help and support long time! You are the best example of LOVE," Moncla said. 

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5. When a man was forced to walk for almost 10 hours without any food and drinks, until a Good Samaritan came along to offer him a ride home

Image via Radin Danial

Ganesan was walking from Damansara to Kajang when Radin Danial stopped and asked what he was doing there alone on a highway with no houses nearby. Radin offered him a ride and later learned that Ganesan had been walking on an empty stomach as he journeyed home alone because nobody had stopped for him earlier.

Radin, who had been in such situations before, understood what it feels to be in a position of need, and that drove him to contribute in other ways that he could even if he cannot do it in monetary terms.

"At least I do something rather than do nothing. Because at the end of the day, people will likely remember us not because of our money but what we have done for others."

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6. When dozens of people turned up and were willing to queue by the roadside just to buy nasi lemak from this single mother to show their support

Facebook user Lynn Ahmad shared about how a young mother known as 'Kak Ain' worked hard to put food on the table for her three young children.

She first saw Kak Ain struggling to look after her children while selling nasi lemak.

Lynn's post went viral on social media and the next thing you know, dozens of Malaysians flocked to Kak Ain's stall for cheap and delicious nasi lemak. Some bought more than they needed in hopes of easing the young mother's burden.

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7. When a doctor helped a mat rempit who got into an accident

Faizal Hasbullah Alimin and his cousin Muhammad Aizuddin Mohd were riding along the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway near Genting Sempah on their respective motorcycle when the former's bike suddenly malfunctioned, causing him to crash into a road divider.

Several people stopped to help, including a woman who meticulously tended to Faizal's injuries.

"Although she knew that we're mat rempits, she still stopped to help us because she's a doctor."

As he was recovering in the hospital, Faizal's wish of personally thanking the doctor came true when his story went viral on social media and the said doctor, identified as Dr Koh Siew Ling, came to know about him and paid him a visit.

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8. When a university student approached this elderly man and wanted to treat him for a meal. The young man wanted to pay the bill, but the manager told him it was on the house.

Image via Jaya Shang

Jayaselvaganapathy S/O Manimekala wanted to treat a hungry elderly man he met at a shopping centre in Skudai for a meal.

To his own surprise, the manager at the fast food restaurant offered to pay the bill in the end.

"Isn't it nice to know that, in this generation where everyone is chasing materialistic goals, dreams, and being busy with their restless-career, humanity still exists, through the good-hearted people out there."

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9. When Mohd Faiz Subri won the FIFA Puskas Award, he was mocked after giving his acceptance speech in English. However, Malaysians rallied together to defend the national footballer.

Image via The Sun

Despite his achievement as the first Asian footballer to receive the goal-of-the-year accolade thanks to his remarkable free-kick hit the back of the net, some people slammed Faiz for his "broken English".

However, Malaysians hit back at critics and pointed out that he made the nation proud because of his football skills, and not his fluency in English.

Following that, many people have poured in their support for Faiz and congratulated him. Read all about it here.

10. When this man decided to sell off his car for only 10 sen

Image via Sinar Harian

It may sound crazy, but J Senthil Kumar decided to sell off his old Proton Iswara car for only 10 sen, in which he entrusted to social activist Kuan Chee Heng, who is known for his '10-sen initiatives'.

Eventually, Senthil got to know that Kuan had handed over the car to a single mother living in Taman Pingggiran Subang. Thanks to Senthil's generosity, the new car owner was able to commute more conveniently around the city with her family. 

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Kudos to all these Malaysians from all walks of life who have demonstrated what it's like to live together and move forward in strength and unity!

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