[PHOTOS] Japanese Artist Creates Stunning Sashimi Art That's Too Pretty To Eat

They look too pretty to eat!

Cover image via Instagram @mikyoui00

These plates of sashimi are simply too pretty to eat!

Japanese sashimi artist @mikyoui00 has been cooking up a storm with his beautifully delicate sashimi arrangements on Instagram, where he has over 33,000 followers

Even more impressive is the fact that he does not have a job in the culinary nor design industry! In an interview, mikyoui00 said he is simply a home cook who wanted to instil his love for food preparation and plating in his son.

According to, the self-proclaimed "amateur" discovered his talent for creating intricate edible art when he was looking for an out-of-the-box way to teach his son how to slice and prepare sashimi. 

mikyoui00's sashimi slicing skills are entirely self-taught. Most of his techniques are learned by watching YouTube videos, and he would also challenge himself to recreate some professional chefs' dishes.

As his skills developed, mikyoui00 began experimenting with different kinds of fish and other edible ingredients. If you scroll through his Instagram feed from the very beginning, you'd also notice the increasing complexity of his creations through time. 

The "amateur" artist's creations are not just extraordinary in its attention to detail; scenes depicting figures in motion look especially vibrant and lively

You might have noticed that most of his creations feature women. That's because, according to mikyoui00, it's easier to arrange fish into flowy, ethereal shapes like skirts and long hair.

Some of his most popular works include Disney princesses like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel from Tangled, and Queen Elsa from Frozen elegantly recreated in sashimi forms

mikyoui00 also dabbles in creating mythical creatures like majestic dragons and unicorns

His arrangements featuring classic imagery such as birds and fishes are also a feast to behold

See more of mikyoui00's sashimi creations on Instagram here

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