Guy Randomly Browses Google Earth And Finds Late Dad Being The Sweetest Husband Ever

The netizen shared that his father passed away seven years ago.

Cover image via @TeacherUfo (Twitter)

What was an instance of boredom for one Japanese man turned into a heartwarming moment when he casually decided to look up his parents' old home on Google Earth

Twitter user @TeacherUfo found a familiar figure standing out on the road in front of the house to his pleasant surprise.

In what would be a nostalgic moment for most, he realised that Google Earth had captured his late father, who passed away seven years ago, taking a break outside the house.

Seeing another person in the far distance, he scrolled up the same street to have a closer look

Wondrously, he found it was none other than his own mother making her way home while holding an umbrella.

"It seems like my dad was waiting for my mother to return home while taking a break," the Twitter user said.

He added that his father was a quiet and kind man.

"I hope that Google Earth will never update and keep the image of this place as it is now."

The user's Tweet garnered close to 700,000 likes on Twitter and inspired others to look up their own old homes on Google Earth

True enough, many found images of their loved ones who were no longer with them.

"That's a very nice story. When I looked up my mother's parents' house in the countryside, I found my grandfather, who died four years ago, heading home from the market with my grandmother like they always did," said a Twitter user.

"I immediately sent the picture to my mother and the family. Everyone was so happy. Thank you very much for sharing your story. I love this photo."

"When I searched near my parents' house, I found my mum, who passed away in February last year," said another netizen, sharing a picture of his mother sitting at the edge of a park in front of their house.

"When she was still fine, I remember her saying that she wanted to take a walk around the park alone."

Meanwhile another Twitter user shared that he found his old family dog when looking up his old home on Google Earth.

"I also found my dog who passed away last year due to old age while looking at my old house. I was so happy when I saw him. I hope they don't update this image too," they said.

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