Start Shopping Early To Get This RM179 Diamond Pendant In Time For Valentine's Day

They also have adorable whimsical charms and gorgeous Valentine's sets.

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Though everyone's currently busy preparing for CNY, Valentine's Day will be here before you know it, so it's definitely not too early to start thinking about what to buy for your significant other

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If you're looking for quality jewellery for young adults that won't burn a hole in your wallet, check out local brand JEOEL

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When it comes to shopping for accessories, we're usually stuck between two extremes: something affordable but with subpar quality that rusts or tarnishes easily versus something high quality that's long lasting but crazy expensive.

JEOEL was created to bridge this gap, with their various lines of stunning jewellery. Their products cost only about RM100 per piece on average, but are of a higher quality, tarnish resistant, shinier, and specifically designed to suit Asian tastes.

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All JEOEL products are made of 925 sterling silver and plated in rhodium or rose gold. Rhodium is a precious metal used to plate white gold in the jewellery industry. So by using it, JEOEL is able to ensure that their jewels look as bright as white gold jewellery. It also protects the silver underneath from oxidising, and makes it safe to wear for those sensitive skin.

They are also the first and only jeweller in the market to have natural diamond and gemstone jewellery from prices as low as RM188!

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Their dreamy fairytale-themed natural diamond collection has been a crowd favourite, it even sold out a few times last year, soon after its release as a limited edition collection. This Diamond Fairytale collection features stunning dual-function pieces that can be worn both as a pendant or as a charm on a bracelet or bangle.

Each piece beautifully shows off a natural diamond that's near colourless, brilliant, and ethically sourced from Australia, Canada, or Botswana. Selected designs even feature other gorgeous gems like pink sapphires and natural rubies.

The best-selling designs of the Diamond Fairytale collection include iconic pieces like Diamond Unicorn, Diamond Mermaid, Bear Fairy, and Diamond Crown. There are also some pretty new designs that were added for Christmas last year, such as Diamond Angel, Pink Sapphire Pixie, and Diamond Cinderella.

JEOEL prides themselves on being able to empower young adults to buy real jewellery at a young age

By creating high quality jewellery that's affordable, JEOEL allows young adults to stylishly show off their passions or act as an expression of love for their loved ones.

As they have a deep understanding of their customers' needs and local culture, JEOEL is able to create designs that are in tune with what they want to express, be it for work or play.

And with their better quality, lasting jewels, JEOEL's products are truly value for money.

Love Me Knot, their new Valentine's diamond collection, starts at only RM179 per piece and will make for the perfect gift!

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Made with natural diamonds mined from Botswana and Australia, the Love Me Knot collection is designed to look effortlessly shiny and stylish on a modern young woman and will gorgeously wrap your significant other with your love.

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The knot design represents your bond together, while the key design sends the message of unlocking their potential with your love, and the diamonds signify how your love is real and forever.

Or if you'd like to go for something more cute and whimsical, opt for the Love Adventure collection instead

These new arrivals are inspired by the adventurous spirit and uplifting feeling of love, giving you the courage to try new experiences together. The new charms range from classic sparkling pieces to adorably out-of-the-box, including a ferris wheel on the Eiffel Tower, a bright pink hot air balloon, and a dual-coloured butterfly.

Can't decide which beads match best together? Save yourself the headache and get one of JEOEL's Valentine's Day sets that consist of beautiful combinations in romantic designs, representing your unique love story.

Plus, SAYS readers get to enjoy an additional discount of 15% off normal priced items from now until 28 February 2019! Just flash this article in-store to redeem or type in the SAYSJEOEL voucher code when you check out on their online store.

JEOEL stores are located at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, IPC Shopping Centre, Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Velocity Mall, and MyTOWN Shopping Centre.

Head on over to your nearest JEOEL outlet today and start shopping for that perfect Valentine's Day gift! Check out their website or Instagram for more information.

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