This Video Of Ripped AF Uncles Working Out Will Inspire You To Go To The Gym

These guys are officially our new #fitspo.

Cover image via Team Strong Silvers/Facebook

If you've been procrastinating your New Year's resolution to exercise more, this may be just the inspiration you need

A video of a group of elderly men doing pull-ups during a workout in Singapore has gone viral on Facebook.

The video, which was posted on 18 January, has been shared over 2,000 times at the time of writing.

"Never too old," read the post's caption.

Calling themselves 'Team Strong Silvers', these ripped AF senior citizens have not let age get in the way of their health and fitness

Formed in 2013, the founders of the fitness group get together to promote calisthenics, in which they exercise using their own bodyweight and focus on motor movements to combat ageing, Coconuts Singapore reported.

The group share short clips of their workouts on their Facebook page to encourage people of all ages to "maintain a healthy lifestyle and age actively."

In addition to sharing photos and videos of their exercise regimes, the founders also offer recommendations and welcome those interested to join their training sessions

Safe to say these guys have a solid fan base.

We're officially motivated to head to the gym! Miracles do happen.

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Watch the video of Team Strong Silvers' most recent workout here:

Never too OLD - Free styling at Ang Mo Kio West Town Park.

Posted by Team Strong Silvers on Friday, 18 January 2019

Bravo for proving that age shouldn't stand in the way of your goals! This adorable couple didn't let it stop them from an elaborate celebration of their love:

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