PTPTN Borrowers Can Enjoy 15% Discount On Loan Repayments With Jom Bayar Balik PTPTN

PTPTN is running the Jom Bayar PTPTN campaign at all state offices and branches nationwide.

Cover image via The Malaysian Reserve & Sirinarth Mekvorawuth (Vecteezy)

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The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) recently launched its first-ever Jom Bayar PTPTN campaign to engage with borrowers and boost loan repayments

This launch came in conjunction with PTPTN's Hari Mesra Pelanggan.

And to celebrate it on a bigger scale, PTPTN is running the Jom Bayar PTPTN campaign at all state offices and branches nationwide from now until 31 December.

The Jom Bayar PTPTN campaign offers special loan repayment rates for all borrowers

As an agency under the Ministry of Higher Education, PTPTN plays an important role in ensuring the sustainability of higher education funds for future generations. That's why it launched the Jom Bayar PTPTN campaign to encourage and ease the process of loan repayment. 

Up to 31 October, 3.92 million borrowers have been approved for PTPTN loans amounting to RM70.91 billion.

PTPTN chief executive Ahmad Dasuki Abdul Majid, who officiated the event, said, "By 31 October this year, 2.25 million borrowers, or 83.05% of those required to make repayments, have begun repaying their loans.

"We extend our thanks to borrowers for being responsible, and hope that this practice will be emulated by others," said Ahmad Dasuki, as quoted by the New Straits Times.

Here's a look at the special offer for PTPTN borrowers:

Image via Malay Mail

- Up to 15% discount for all loan repayments
- Borrowers in arrears can make an initial payment of RM300 to restructure their loan repayment scheme

Additionally, all borrowers who make a loan repayment of at least RM300 will be entitled to participate in the "Cabutan Jom Bayar PTPTN" with cash prizes worth RM70,000. If you make the RM300 payment through the myPTPTN portal, you'll gain two draw pulls instead of one.

Here's a look at the cash prizes:
Grand Prize: 1 x RM2,000 for each state
Second Prize: 1 x RM1,000 for each state
Third Prize: 3 x RM500 for each state
Consolation Prize: 5 x RM100 for each state

This means a total of 140 winners will get to walk away with cash prizes. Besides that, PTPTN is giving away exclusive merchandise for borrowers who make a minimum loan repayment of at least RM500.

Image via PTPTN

In conjunction with Hari Mesra Pelanggan, PTPTN is also extending all of its offices' operating hours for the whole month of December

Image via PTPTN

You can now visit all PTPTN branches from 8.30am to 6pm on weekdays, and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays. 

PTPTN has also kickstarted the #PTPTNSediaBantu initiative, which allows borrowers to submit any inquiries or concerns regarding their loan repayments through the call centre (03-2193 3000), live chat via the PTPTN website, e-aduan PTPTN, and PTPTN's social media platforms.

"This is the best opportunity for all borrowers to negotiate with PTPTN officers," said Ahmad Dasuki

He added that borrowers not only get to enjoy discounts on loan repayments, but also have the opportunity to restructure loans with promos, win cash prizes, and get exclusive PTPTN merchandise.

"This 4-in-1 benefit is well worth it for borrowers," he said. 

Head over to PTPTN's website to learn more about the Jom Bayar PTPTN campaign

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