[VIDEO] Man Buys iPhone 14 With 50 Sen Coins He Saved For 7 Years

The total of the 50 sen coins he saved came up to a whopping RM5,360.

Cover image via @bifoty_camper (TikTok) & Carousell

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A Malaysian man managed to buy a brand new iPhone 14 by saving up 50 sen coins over seven years

In a TikTok video posted on 1 September, the user, @bifoty_camper, can be seen rolling a heavy 19-litre water bottle filled with 50 sen coins into his living room.

"The result of seven years of saving. Alhamdulillah," read the caption in the video, as he and his family are shown using a saw to cut the bottle open and count the mountain of coins on the floor.

The user said it took the four of them a total of three hours to count the sheer amount of coins, which came up to a whopping RM5,360.

Even the man himself, whose name is Muhammad Hafiz Abdul Hamid, said he was shocked by the total amount he had saved

Speaking to mStar, Hafiz said he never expected to save up so much money as he only started collecting coins for fun.

"I began saving 50 sen coins since 2016. I didn't take inspiration from anyone, it just came as a hobby, and I continued it," the 30-year-old from Penang said.

He added that he began saving coins only in mugs and biscuit containers, but as the years went by and the number of coins increased, he moved them into a large water dispenser bottle, as was seen in the video.

"I only keep 50 sen coins. If you'd like to know, I never use 50 sen coins because I try to save them," he also explained about his saving habits.

To steadily grow his collection, he also exchanged bank notes for coins from his friends and family.

Eventually, when the bottle was filled to the brim, Hafiz said it was finally time to break his piggy bank open

"I decided to reward myself by buying an iPhone 14. Alhamdulillah, I was able to buy it in cash and not instalments," said Hafiz, who works as a hotel housekeeping supervisor.

He added that it was not easy to change over RM5,000 worth of coins, and had to go to six different banks to count and deposit the money.

Amazed with his incredible feat, Hafiz's video has garnered over four million views on TikTok

While many congratulated him on successfully putting away money for many years, many also joked that it was so much faster to spend it.

"He saved for seven years, and spent it all in a day," cried a TikTok user.

Meanwhile, another user laughed and said, "No wonder there are not enough 50 sen coins in circulation... They're all here."

Watch Hafiz's viral video here:


Total RM5360.00 hasil simpan semua duit 50sen..takde duit [email protected] masa 3jam baru siap kira dengan tenaga 4org tukang kira alhamdulillah.. #menabung #duitsyiling #50sen #alhamdulillah

original sound - Bifoty camper - Bifoty camper

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