Wife Collects Over RM1,400 Of Leftover Change From Husband's Laundry In A Year

"The tips to save money are easy," reads the viral tweet.

Cover image via @WZullnaidi (Twitter)

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In a viral Twitter thread reposted recently, a husband recounted how his wife managed to save over RM1,400 in cash by cleaning up after him

In the story posted by user @WZullnaidi, the husband shared how his wife collected RM1,424 in a jar placed next to the washing machine within a year.

Every time she found any change in his clothes or pockets while doing the laundry, she would put the money into the jar.

After one year, the couple broke the jar open and were surprised to find the amount in it

"The tips to save money are easy. Buy a cheap moneybox that can't be opened and place it beside the washing machine," said the tweet.

"Secondly, every time you wash your partner's clothes, make sure to check their pockets and hope there's some leftover change."

The story also suggests that you should inform your husband or wife that you are saving money and hope that they will support your habit by adding their own shopping change or leftover toll money into the jar.

In addition to change found in laundry, you are also encouraged to put aside bills or coins found elsewhere, such as the car, bedroom, or any other corner of the house

"Whatever you do, if you have change, put it into the jar and not automatically into your pockets," said the tweet.

After some time, Wan Zullnaidi said you can break the jar open and find that all the loose change will become a substantial amount, which can be used to buy jewellery or be deposited in the bank.

In the story, the wife donated 10% of the money she saved to a mosque.

As the Malay proverb goes, "Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama menjadi bukit".

Saving money successfully with a piggy bank is no secret. A man in Klang recently saved up to RM5,000 to buy his wife an iPhone 13 Pro:

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