Pahang Student Shares How She Managed To Save RM615 Within Three Months

She used the 'green note' method.

Cover image via Twitter @izzatiefarhana_

If you're looking for a way to save money, a Malaysian student recently shared a tip on how she was able to save RM615 within three months

In a tweet on 4 July, UiTM student @izzatiefarhana_ wrote: "Saving for 1sem kat UiTM Jengka for three months I got RM615! (March - June) I'm so proud of myself!!"

Using a 'green note' method, she wrote that every RM5 note she collected was immediately put into her savings

"This is my first time saving 'kumpul duit hijau' ('green note' method). The tip is to save every green note you get in the money box. Thanks to Hani, my roommate, for teaching me this," she explained.

Her tweet has since received over 9,700 retweets and 13,000 likes.

Meanwhile, several people also shared that they have been using the same method and it works

Others seemingly used the method to accumulate other 'coloured' notes as well

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