Tourist Unintentionally Films Herself Getting Pickpocketed By Female Gang In London

Like Ocean's 8.

Cover image via ViralPress (edit)

Two Thai women who were recently walking in London have unintentionally filmed themselves getting pickpocketed by a team of women

On 16 June, Nina Spencer and Toi McGurran were crossing a road and vlogging with a selfie stick when a suspected female pickpocket gang swiped one of the women's designer purses from her bag.

Image via ViralPress

In what seemed like an 'Ocean's 8' movie scene, the three suspected thieves were caught on camera swiftly grabbing her purse and disappearing

Image via ViralPress

A video by ViralPress shows a well-dressed woman in a black outfit with sunglasses on her head looking over Nina's shoulder, while another woman next to her eyed her purse and grabbed it.

While she stealthily pulled out the purse from Toi's bag, the first woman appeared to hide the whole act with a black shopping bag.

The two were then joined by a third woman who was handed the purse and the three walked away in different directions

Image via Bored Panda
Image via Bored Panda

It was only after the two victims had crossed the road that Toi realised her wallet, containing her cash and all of her credit cards, had gone missing.

Bored Panda revealed that the purse contained GBP400 (roughly RM2,073).

Devastated by the incident, Toi and Nina later made a police report but was unable to get the wallet back

"We reported this to the police straight away. They asked me for the location where it happened and we sent them the video of it.

"We don't think it's possible to have the money back now. But we just want to be helpful and let the police be aware of things going on in the city," she said, according to ViralPress.

Nina added that she hopes the thieves get caught so that they cannot steal from others.

You can watch the video here:

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