Woman Shares How A Man Stripped In Broad Daylight To Touch Himself While Following Her

"I cannot imagine If I was in a more enclosed area."

Cover image via Mothership

On 7 July, a woman took to Instagram to share her frustrations after being sexually harassed at Clarke Quay, Singapore

The incident occurred at 7am while Jewel Koh was walking alone to Liang Court to call a cab, Mothership reported.

"Suddenly, this guy came out of nowhere and grabbed me tightly," she wrote

Assuming he was a beggar, Jewel shouted at him and shook his hands off.

However, he continued to follow her while touching himself.

Image via Mothership

A few moments later, the man took his pants off and continued to follow her while touching his genitalia

Image via Mothership

"I just want to warn all girls out there that perverts could be anywhere and we should all try to be wary of our surroundings," Jewel wrote.

She told Mothership that the man then began to block her way.

"He only stopped blocking me after I raised my voice on him. I ran away after," she said.

Still shaken by the incident, Jewel shared her experience in the hopes that it will remind other women to be more careful with their surroundings while walking alone

"Singapore is not as safe as you think. I'm still trembling as I'm typing this," she wrote.

"Everyone should just be extra careful. Always try to stay in groups. I've met a number of perverts before but this one came the closest and I cannot imagine If I was in a more enclosed area," she added.

Image via Mothership

Jewel has since filed a police report after netizens on social media helped her to identify the flasher.

In May, police caught a man who had sexually assaulted someone at an ATM thanks to her quick thinking in taking a video:

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