This Maserati Owner Learned A Lesson He'll Never Forget After Parking Illegally

Traffic in the area had worsened due to the popularity of bubble tea shops.

Cover image via China Press

When it comes to letting someone who has parked illegally know that they have inconvenienced others, drivers have come up with a handful of creative methods

While most resort to expressive handwritten notes, several drivers in Hanoi, Vietnam took it up a notch when they found a Maserati parked illegally on 7 July.

To teach him a lesson for blocking other cars, passersby covered the vehicle in dozens of sanitary pads

The driver returned to find winged pads covering most of the car's surface area, according to China Press.

Image via China Press

Meanwhile, its wrappers were left surrounding the vehicle on the ground.

Image via China Press

The Maserati owner initially attempted to peel off the sanitary pads at the spot he parked

However, after realising that it would be a time-consuming task, he gave up and drove off.

Photos of the car being driven in that state were posted on social media.

Image via China press

According to residents of the area, traffic had worsened due to the popularity of newly opened bubble tea shops.

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, drivers have been known to be quite unforgiving of people who are not mindful of the way they park:

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