Kuching Man's Car Gets Scratched With A 'Special' Message Because He Parked Badly

"I bet people will pay more attention on how they park their car in the future."

Cover image via Reddit/u/labeliu

A black sedan recently had a messaged scratched on it after its owner allegedly parked badly in Kuching, Sarawak

Photos circulating on social media showed that the car was obstructing traffic at the exit of an apartment.

Although it is unclear where or when the incident took place, Malay Mail reported that it is believed to have taken place recently.

The phrases "I parked like an idiot" and a**hole" were carved into the driver's door and across the car's bonnet

As of yesterday afternoon, 1 July, Sarawak Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department head Supt Alexson Naga Chabu revealed to Borneo Post Online that no police report was lodged over the incident.

The photos have brought mixed reactions from the Internet. While several said that the man deserved it...

Image via Facebook

... Others commented that the person who vandalised his car was also in the wrong.

Image via Reddit
Image via Facebook

It was not too long ago that another car was painted in red with phrases like "babi" and "park properly" in Kuala Lumpur

In May, an owner brought his damaged white SUV to a car workshop in Taman Wahyu to get it spray painted.

Photos of the car went viral on social media, as several netizens found the incident hilarious and agreed with the vandal's actions.

According to photos by Mcclubz Facebook page, the car had been parked improperly and obstructed traffic.

Image via MCLUBZ/Facebook

Prior to that, a woman rammed her car into a vehicle that was double-parked in Bangsar and left an unforgettable message for its owner:

If you really need to double-park, avoid doing these things:

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