Woman Rams Into Double-Parked Car In Bangsar And Leaves An Unforgettable Note

Stop. Being. Inconsiderate.

Cover image via Chris Chew/Twitter

Footage showing a woman ramming her car into another vehicle which was double-parked in Bangsar has been making rounds on social media

Twitter user Chris Chew uploaded videos of the incident last night, 3 April, which took place outside Bangsar Village.

In the video, the woman was seen struggling to reverse her white Myvi in attempts to drive out of a parking lot

A group of bystanders were seen and heard in the video cheering her on, as another stranger helped to direct her out of the tight spot.

As she reversed, her Myvi rammed slightly into the white vehicle which was double-parked behind her car.

After several attempts, she eventually managed to drive her car out of the parking spot by squeezing past the empty parking lots next to her.

However, before driving off, the woman allegedly left an unforgettable message on the windscreen for the driver who blocked her

It read: "You f*cking idiot. I have a child at home... Coz you block my car!!! (sic)"

According to Chew, the woman had also knocked the glass out of the other car's side view mirrors during the incident. It is uncertain if the ramming was an accident or intentional.

Chew told SAYS that police were present at the scene but "didn't do anything".

Here are clips of the incident:

It doesn't hurt to park a little further and walk instead of double-parking. But if you really need to, be considerate and avoid these acts:

In October, a shop keeper in Bangsar allegedly superglued a 'no parking' sign onto a stranger's car:

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