Someone In KL Sprayed A Car With Red Paint After The Owner Didn't Park It "Properly"

"Not all heroes wear capes."

Cover image via MCCLUBZ

A white MPV was spray painted in red over alleged bad parking during the weekend in Kuala Lumpur

According to photos posted on a Facebook page called MCCLUBS on 18 May, the improperly parked car caused dissatisfaction to other motorists, which led to someone vandalising the white car with red spray paint, leaving behind angry messages.

Image via MCCLUBZ/FB

When the driver returned to his car, he found it painted in red with words such as "Mati" (die), "Gila" (mad), and "Babi" (pig)

Image via MCCLUBZ/FB

While it's not clear where exactly in KL the incident occurred, the car was taken to a workshop in Taman Wahyu

According to a report in Malay Mail, there was no mention of the time and location the incident, just that the driver took it to Autonion body workshop.

Meanwhile, the post on Facebook has gone viral with over 1.4k shares at the time of writing this story and more than 200 comments by netizens.

Those who commented on the viral post got a good laugh out of it, where some agreed with the vandal's actions

"I wonder did the driver wear a mask during all the way to the workshop?" a Facebook user wrote, while another use commented: "Not all heroes wear capes".

A commentator emphasised on the importance of why people need to park properly, saying: "While it may have very very sensitive graffiti and not too Malaysian, but the message is clear - zero tolerance to indiscriminate parking. Be a responsible driver, your selfish convenience can cause extreme inconvenience to others. Lesson learnt I hope."

And those who tried to defend the owner of the car, saying the damage due to the spray paint was too much, a user commented to say:

"Those who are still defending this guy, saying it's 'damage to properties', alternative ways to put stickers on his car instead etc, I really do hope one day or even every day you will experience bad parkers around you. These people should be given a lesson and this for one is pretty sure this guy is going to take a second thought next time whenever he wants to again make improper parking!"

Last month, a woman rammed her car into another vehicle which was double-parked in Bangsar:

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