Mother Forced A Plane To Wait For 30 Minutes As Her Daughter Was Shopping At Duty-Free

The incident happened over the week on a Shanghai-bound flight.

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Earlier this week, a mother forced cabin crew of a Shanghai-bound flight from closing its door by lying down on the aerobridge that connects the plane to the airport terminal, allegedly making 160 passengers wait for her daughter to finish shopping at duty-free

The incident took place at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok on Wednesday, 15 May.

The air passenger from China prevented the cabin crew from shutting the plane door for takeoff while other travellers were stuck on the plane, according to video footage posted by an eyewitness which showed the mother sitting on the aerobridge.

Cabin crew trying to calm down travellers stranded on the plane.

Image via YouTube

The plane was operated by Chinese budget carrier Spring Airlines and was scheduled to take off at 3:30am from Bangkok

The footage of the incident was uploaded on Chinese short-video platform Douyin.

The video showed an aviation officer talking to the woman and trying to explain to her why her actions were wrong as she lay on the aerobridge, Bangkok Post reported.

A screenshot captured from the video clip of the incident.

Image via Bangkok Post

The mother's actions delayed the four-hour flight for 30 minutes

Mail Online reported a Spring Airlines' spokesperson confirming the incident, saying the woman was emotional while trying to block the crew from closing the plane's door.

"The passenger also claimed that her accompanying traveller, alleged to be her daughter, had called the airport police to demand the flight wait.

"The daughter had allegedly told the police she had checked in two pieces of luggage and left-hand luggage on the plane - presumably through her mother," the spokesperson was quoted as saying by the English daily.

Image via Mail Online

The plane eventually took off 30 minutes later once the mother and daughter agreed to switch to another flight after passengers got frustrated waiting and demanded a solution from the cabin crew

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