Klang Man Saves RM20 Notes Every Day For A Year To Buy His Wife An iPhone 13 Pro

He did it for their wedding anniversary this year. <3

Cover image via Nick Hiew (Facebook)

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A devoted husband from Klang made it his mission to save all the RM20 notes he received for a year to buy his wife an expensive gift for their wedding anniversary

Facebook user Nick Hiew shared his delight on public group 'iPhone 吹水站' after he managed to save up enough to buy his wife a brand new iPhone 13 Pro for the special occasion this year.

It is no small feat as the iPhone 13 Pro retails at a starting price of RM4,899 in Malaysia.

Speaking to SAYS, Hiew said he started the initiative because he wanted to buy something nice for his wife while not making a dent in his personal savings

"When I think of how much of my bank savings I had to spend, I felt pain," he said while laughing, "So I decided to save RM20 bills for a year to see how much I would get."

Hiew said the plan was simple: all he had to do was set aside any RM20 bills he received from any payments throughout the day towards the budget.

Given that he typically spends in denominations of RM100 or RM50 when shopping or buying food, the 32-year-old said he could save many RM20 notes.

He added that there was also no fixed amount to how much he would save in a day, as he replied to a curious netizen, "If I had any money, I'll save it."

Eventually, Hiew took his thick stack of RM20 banknotes to a shop and paid for an iPhone 13 Pro completely in cash

In the video that he proudly uploaded on 14 November, the cashier, presumably, can be seen counting and sorting the many RM20 paper notes into neat piles on a counter.

Responding to another commenter, Hiew said he will definitely continue the habit of saving money this way.

The man's post went viral, garnering over 1,700 likes and over 500 shares, with netizens praising his discipline and loving reason behind saving the RM20 bills

"This is incredible," said a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

Some were also tagging their friends and partners to save up the same way to buy gifts for them.

"Have you saved up enough yet?" a netizen asked a friend.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, others were counting how much they needed to save to get the phones they wanted.

"If I save RM1 banknotes, 20 years later I can hope to buy the iPhone 33. Amituofo," another netizen joked.

Image via Facebook

Taking notes out of your wallet and setting them aside seems to be a tried and tested way of saving money:

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