How To Own Luxurious Properties In The Klang Valley From RM538,888

With 2016 touted to be a good year for property buyers, the only question is: how LOW can you go?

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There's nothing quite like owning your own place that makes you feel like you're adulting right!

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Looking to buy a place?

In today's market, choosing a combination of the above priorities is likely to result in a luxury property... which more often than not comes with a hefty pricetag

Rsearch by Khazanah Research Institute (KRI) found that Malaysia's average house prices are more than four times the median income of its population, making them "seriously unaffordable". Kuala Lumpur has especially been branded as "severely unaffordable" with house prices 5.4 times higher than the median income in the capital city.

As of the third quarter of 2015, the average price of housing in Kuala Lumpur is RM718,755. In contrast, Perlis is found to have the cheapest prices, at an average house price of RM156,324.
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Thankfully, 2016's property market is looking to be positive for buyers

Due to oversupply in property, 2016 is forecast to be a buyers' market. Industry experts predict Malaysia’s "flat" property sector this year will result in beneficial market prices for those looking to buy or rent houses. According to PropertyGuru’s Property Outlook Report 2016, it is reasonable to foresee good property deals as a means to entice purchasers.
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Given the oversupply of property, especially in the mid-range and high-end projects, it's a good time to seek out deals on luxury properties that fit the priorities you're looking for.

Riding on the good waves of 2016, Tropicana's Just Bid It campaign takes away the budget-related stress and lets you buy luxury properties in the most mind-blowing way: BID THE LOWEST PRICE FOR THE HOME YOU WANT!

With five hot properties in the Klang Valley up for grabs, participants with the lowest unique bid will get the chance to buy the property at the bidding price.

Here are some properties up for bidding, located right in the heart of the action:

Cyperus Residences, Tropicana Gardens
Location: Kota Damansara
Unit up for bidding: 600 sq ft studio
Starting bid price: RM568,888

Paloma Residences, Tropicana Metropark
Location: Subang Jaya
Unit up for bidding: 916 sq ft 2-bedroom serviced apartment
Starting bid price: RM538,888

Prefer a more suburban location? Bid for these properties instead:

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Bayan Residences, Tropicana Aman
Location: Kota Kemuning
Unit up for bidding: 2,428.77 sq ft 2-storey terrace
Starting bid price: RM688,888

Parkfield Residences, Tropicana Heights
Location: Kajang
Unit up for bidding: 2,203 sq ft 2-storey terrace
Starting bid price: RM638,888

Beginning 1st April 2016, each of the properties will be open for bidding for 10 days at

A verification code will be sent via SMS to first-time bidders a day before the bidding opens. Enter the code and start bidding on the property with your lowest unique bid.

Pro tip: the more Tropicana Keys you collect, the higher your chances to bid!

Tropicana Keys are virtual tokens that are traded for bidding chances. You can rack up your collection by complete online and physical challenges, from sharing the game with family and friends to visiting Tropicana property galleries.

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Ready to give it a try? Click here to start playing!

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