These KFC Crispy Herb Prawns Are A Must-Try For Seafood Lovers

We legit fought over the last prawn lol.

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The upcoming festive season brings with it a whole lot of gatherings, meet-ups, and parties

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Whether you're hosting your own or going to one hosted by your friends/loved ones, the most important element of any good holiday party is definitely the food!

From office Christmas parties and end-of-year countdown celebrations, to simple outings with friends, there's no end to occasions that call for good food. Plus, with the school holidays now in full swing, it's the perfect time to go out for a family makan session.

Looking for a way to make your holiday moments extra special this year? Try out the brand new Holiday Bucket from KFC! :D

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It's loaded with your KFC favourites, including their signature finger lickin' good fried chicken, whipped potatoes, and soft drinks. You'll also get their brand new dish, the juicy and succulent Crispy Herb Prawns!

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We tried it for ourselves for lunch, polishing off a 15-piece Holiday Bucket between the 4 of us (we were super hungry k, don't judge pls), and especially loved the Crispy Herb Prawns <3

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Our serving was fried to golden-brown perfection. Each prawn was generously covered with the crispy coating and the light herb seasoning complemented the sweet taste of the fresh prawns well.

They were so good that one of us secretly ate most of them while the rest weren't paying attention. We ended up fighting over the remaining four prawns once we realised lololol.

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Perfect for sharing, the Holiday Bucket will make for a great addition to your holiday party food spread, and everyone will love you for bringing it to a potluck.

Choose from three different Bucket sizes:

  • 5-piece Bucket (RM34.90, for 2-3 pax): 5 pieces of fried chicken, 5 pieces of Crispy Herb Prawns, a large serving of whipped potatoes, and two regular Lipton iced lemon teas.
  • 9-piece Bucket (RM51.90, for 4-5 pax): 9 pieces of fried chicken, 5 pieces of Crispy Herb Prawns, a large serving of whipped potatoes, and a 1.5 litre bottle of Pepsi.
  • 15-piece Bucket (RM84.50, for 7-8 pax): 15 pieces of fried chicken, 10 pieces of Crispy Herb Prawns, a large serving of whipped potatoes, and a 1.5 litre bottle of Pepsi.

KFC also has an ongoing contest where you stand the chance of winning some cool prizes, including a hot air balloon ride for your family

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From now until 1 January 2018, one Grand Prize winner and two Consolation Prize winners will be chosen on a weekly basis.

The Grand Prize sounds super cool guys! It's a 45-minute to 1-hour hot air balloon ride package for four people, which includes some amazing extra perks like a buffet breakfast at a 5-star hotel, a time lapse video of your flight, and much more!

And the Consolation Prize isn't too shabby either: RM200 worth of KFC vouchers per winner booyeah! Free food, who dowan? KFC summore! ;P

It's super simple to join, you don't even need to buy anything!

Just take a picture of any KFC Holiday Bucket logo you see. For example, it can be from a billboard, on social media, a TV ad, or even from a menu.

Then, post it on Instragram and come up with a creative caption to tell KFC why you want your family to share this awesome experience together. And include #KFCHolidayMoments in your caption.

Make sure that you're following KFC on Facebook and Instagram for updates. And don't forget to make sure that your Instagram profile is set to 'public'!

Every week counts as a new round, and you're only allowed to post one entry per round. Terms and conditions apply. Click here to find out more.

Good luck guys! 

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Head over to your nearest KFC and try the Holiday Bucket today! We already did ;)

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