This Malaysian Cosmetics Brand Is Planning To Create A Durian-Flavoured Lipstick

Soon you'll get to taste durian on your lips all day, err day!

Cover image via Fashion & Food and Flirts Wordpress / Lifehack

If you thought durian condoms were bizarre, wait 'til you hear what a Malaysian cosmetics brand is planning to release in the near future!

Local make up brand Elianto made quite a ripple on social media last week when they teased a new bright yellow lipstick that's apparently Musang King-flavoured on their Facebook page. 

Calling it a "scientific marvel", Elianto also wrote that it's "pesticide-free" and likened wearing the lipstick to actually eating Musang King durian due to its "authentic and strong aroma"

"Featuring an authentic and strong aroma of durian, giving you a sense of satisfaction similar to gobbling a mouthful of Musang King at one go," the brand wrote on its Facebook post.

"All Malaysians love Durian and this scientific marvel is even said to be able to cure hangover and prevent alcoholic blackout." 

Infusing durian in lipsticks may sound like a really weird thing to do, but the idea definitely piqued these Malaysian durian lovers' curiosity and interest to try out the product

However, we'll have to wait a little bit longer for the Musang King lipstick to be out in the market, as Elianto said that the product is still in the planning stage

An Elianto representative told The Star, "We do have plans to manufacture it but we are only testing the market at this stage."

'Til then, we'll just have to stick to eating actual Musang King durians... or trying out these durian condoms ;)

The same company who came up with durian condoms are also set to release a new range of nasi lemak condoms! They're not available for sale yet, but we managed to get ahold of a box for "research":

Meanwhile, a viral message about China allegedly rejecting Musang King durians due to high levels of pesticide turned out to be #fakenews:

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