People Are Sharing Feel-Good Stories Online That Will Restore Your Faith In Malaysians

What's your #kitapowerrr story?

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This Bulan Kebangsaan, Malaysians have been flocking to social media to share their #kitapowerrr stories and it's the best thing ever

People have been sharing the very best of Malaysia, such as highlighting the best dishes in every state, celebrating our record-breaking, gold-medal-winning Paralympians, and even sharing personal stories of unsung heroes.

Here are our 6 favourite #kitapowerrr stories to give you warm fuzzy feelings:

2. Egy Azira has openly documented her fight against cancer and shared this powerful story of when she first got her diagnosis

3. If you ever find yourself hesitating to help someone, remember this super cute story about Sean Lee, a makcik, and a sack of beras

4. Malaysians who ride on motorcycles really appreciated this simple gesture from Nadia Dahlia (long thread but worth the read!)

5. This fun video highlights the importance of neighbours, that taman life, and proves that nothing unites Malaysians quite like nasi lemak!

So if you're ever feeling down, be sure to check out the #kitapowerrr hashtag on social media. There are so many awesome stories that will legit put a smile on your face!

Pay it forward by spreading more positivity with your #kitapowerrr story

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