Play With Alpacas, Fennec Foxes, And More At This Mini Zoo In KL

Yes, a chance to finally see these cute, rare animals IRL!

Cover image via @kltowerminizoo (Instagram)

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There's a mini zoo with a variety of unique animals in Kuala Lumpur to visit with your family and friends over the weekend

Located at the popular tourist attraction, KL Tower, this mini zoo is home to many exotic animals that you can get to know and take photos with.

KL Tower Mini Zoo is perfect for a family weekend activity, where you can bring your children to learn about animals, from rare mammals to cute reptiles.

This mini zoo is home to over 60 species and has seven different zones that cater to the animals' natural habitats

Divided into several areas, which are the Mini Jungle, Moonlight Shed, Happy Farm Village, Birdy School, Pet Village, Jungle View, and Forest Walk, every zone is carefully catered to the needs of each species there to ensure that the environment is as close to their natural habitat as possible.

As visitors enter, they will see the bird zone first, where parrots and cockatoos will greet you from their tree branch habitat situated in the centre of the area.

At the mini zoo, you can feed all the animals, from mischievous raccoons to adorable bunnies.

If you're up for a challenge, you can even try fishing at the Fishing Pond.

Image via KL Tower Mini Zoo (Facebook)

Among the unique animals at the mini zoo include fennec foxes, ferrets, raccoons, alpacas, dusky wallabies, and more

For fans of The Lion King, you can meet the meerkats and witness their cuteness IRL. Not only that, you can also feed the alpacas. If you're lucky, the alpacas may even want to take a selfie with you. :P

A couple of alpacas taking a selfie with the visitors. :P

Image via KL Tower Mini Zoo (Facebook)

The parrots having a meeting for world domination, led by their bird leader.

Image via KL Tower Mini Zoo (Facebook)

Look at this meerkat posing for a picture. Such a diva.

Image via KL Tower Mini Zoo (Facebook)

Here's where to find KL Tower Mini Zoo:

RM35 (Adult)
RM29 (Children)

Ground Floor, Menara Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Puncak, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours
10am - 7pm (Monday to Friday)
10am - 9pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Get your tickets here.

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