Malaysian Women Share Their Adventurous Hobbies That Take Them Around The Country

If this is not motivation, I don't know what is.

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1. "All the exhaustion, scratches, and bruises on my limbs are worth it when I reach the top"

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"As a hasher (that's what we call those who are in a group of non-competitive running social clubs called a Hash Run), nothing beats the satisfaction of reaching the peak and overlooking the ridges and valleys. Sometimes, I get emotional due to the beauty of nature that we have in our homeland. There are even hashers over 70 years old who have been running for over 20 years! Such inspirations. 

I get to go to places I never imagined would exist. Travelling along the expressway, I get to see greenery, blue skies and white clouds, it's very relaxing. I don't even mind paying tolls as long as there are no traffic jams!"

- Miki

2. "I love to cosplay because I use it as a creative outlet, and to express my love and appreciation for my favourite narratives and fictional characters"

"I have been cosplaying as a hobby since 2007. I find the process of putting a costume together, getting the details exactly right, and telling the story of the character a very fulfilling creative process.

I've travelled to Singapore for conventions, and flown to Japan for photoshoots in 'authentic' locations. Malaysia is also a great place for cosplayers to explore - I’ve driven up to Fraser’s Hills a few times for photoshoot locations that suit certain characters, or journeyed to Kanching Waterfall just to get the perfect backdrop."

But what was probably the craziest adventure I’ve ever had for cosplay was driving up from KL to Penang at 2am, just so that we would arrive in George Town in time for the sunrise. Then did an atmospheric photoshoot at Old Protestant Cemetery along Northam Road, before journeying back down to KL on the same day to be in time for a cosplay event."

- Cappy Lannoire

3. "Being submerged underwater, feeling like a mermaid and being at absolute peace"

Image via Sonyia Ambi

"I would like to think I'm a pretty adventurous girl. I've been living alone since I was 18 since my parents raised me to be independent. I think my adventurous hobby would be diving. The best part about diving is definitely being down under in the water and seeing all the aquatic life, feeling like I'm one of them and my worries seem to disappear. I feel only serenity and peace in the water. 

Since my parents are back in KL, I travel back and forth from Penang. I would even stop by different states just to swim and dive whenever I can!"

- Sonyia 

4. "I love travelling all over to find new spots to hike, rock climb, and camp! I've tried waterfall abseiling, cliff jumping, and more."

Image via Farah Rabiah

"My favourite place to travel in Malaysia is the Jerangkang Waterfalls in Pahang. The first time I went with a bunch of people I didn't know. We all had to sleep in the same tent, shower, pee, and brush our teeth in the same river together, and jump of cliff that’s 7-ft high. We’ve all been friends ever since and it's become our annual ritual to return.

While we're there we really rough it out. We do water activities like waterfall abseiling, cliff jumping, and monkey zip-lining. Then we sleep in the open on this thing called a tensile that’s kinda like a huuugee hammock (fits 3-4 people). It’s uhh-mazing! I’d live in the woods if I could."

- Farah

5. "Training with my friends and making them feel pain"

Image via Min Wan

"My hobby is Taekwondo. One of the best moments of doing Taekwondo is I get to train with my friends. We also do self-defense moves together and seeing them fight through the pain is empowering, knowing that they get stronger every time. We also play football together because it trains our footwork, and that's important for Taekwondo.

I remember one time, my coach brought me to the SEA Games in KLCC to watch the Taekwondo matches. It was exciting because it was my first time seeing a real tournament and the environment was so intense."

- Min Wan

6. "When you're running, regardless who passes by you or vice versa, you'll be motivating one another to make it to the finishing line"

Image via Winnie Leong

"As a marathon runner, the best moments of running to me are when I get to see and meet new people every time. I love the fact that I get to train with different teams too. Running brings people together and the joy of how even if you're not the first one to the finishing line, people will still cheer you on - it's an incredible feeling.

I feel relaxed and calm even after short runs, it's like I've run all my stress away. I live in PJ but travel back to my hometown in Ipoh for runs, it's quite a journey but there's no better feeling than seeing that huge Ipoh sign at the highway exit!"

- Winnie

7. "Finding a scenic spot to rest as I unload my bag pack"

Image via Jesmine Cheong

"My adventurous hobby is definitely mountain climbing. One of the best moments is summiting a mountain's peak and taking in the scenic view after a grueling hike. The feeling of finding a scenic spot to rest and sipping on my mug of teh tarik while admiring nature's beauty is infinitely rewarding. I've covered the two highest peaks in Selangor as well, which are Gunung Nuang and Pine Tree Hill.

I've travelled throughout the Selangor area for most of my hikes. My favourite among all hikes will be Bukit Tabur because of the scenic Klang Gates Dam flowing through Gombak forest reserve."

- Jesmine

8. "I do different extreme sports because I love the adrenaline rush!"

Image via Aini Mastura

"To date, I've travelled all over to try water rafting, paragliding, scuba diving, zipped line tree top, and much more. I never repeat activities because I'm all about crossing off my bucket list! Every moment is memorable. But one of my absolute favourites was going on a solo roadtrip from Ipoh to Kuala Besut for a diving trip. I drove for 7 hours karaoke-ing to 90's boybands all the way!

- Aini Mastura

9. "Driving just gives me a feeling like no other"

Image via Jay Zee

"Every drive is an adventure to me. I love long drives and it's safe to say that I drive to a different state every week. The best moments for me are when I reach my destination and I get to eat, savouring what each state has to offer. 

I love driving to Penang and my mother's hometown in Sungai Petani, Kedah. I'm not the type to plan my trips and I prefer going somewhere spontaneously. The scenic drives along the highway are peaceful and serene, making my drives therapeutic."

- Jay Zee 

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