Lazada's Hilarious Cinema Ad Shocked Cinema-Goers As It Turns Into A Real-Life Drama

Moviegoers were stunned by a mother seemingly interacting with her son from the BIG cinema screen.

Cover image via @Chihowe (Instagram)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Lazada.

If you've been on social media, you may have come across posts of a recent viral cinema experience in Malaysia

Moviegoers were stunned and intrigued by a realistic scene where a mother on the big screen seemed to interact live with her son in the cinema hall. The unexpected and lifelike interaction left everyone curious, sparking conversations about what was happening at the moment.

Google "Lazada Cinema Ad" to watch the full video and see what went down!

According to netizens who were at One Utama's TGV to watch Garfield on 28 May, pre-movie ads were playing as usual

"I was just watching the ads as usual, swiping my phone until they were over. Not until, something unusual happened," shared one of the netizens.

Suddenly, a boy in the hall stood up and started shouting, interacting with the ad on the screen. The ad featured a mother on the big screen talking to her son about not keeping his room clean, and she even got his seat number right.

"She said, 'Hah, duduk kat kerusi 15 tu'! How did she even get that right? I was super stunned!" the netizen added.

As cinema-goers began to piece together what was going on, something even more unexpected took place β€” the 'son' got frustrated, got out of his seat, and darted out of the cinema!

Before viewers knew it, he appeared on the big screen as if he just teleported, this time breaking the fourth wall and interacting with viewers

Turns out, this was an ad by Lazada to promote their latest campaign β€” "Harga Sentiasa Lagi Baik" with its Lowest Price Guarantee

Image via SAYS

Lazada's hilarious cinema activation cleverly delivers laughs and memorable brand engagement all in one swoop!

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Feeling FOMO and curious to see what exactly went down that night? Head over to Google and search "Lazada Cinema Ad" to watch the full cinema stunt today!

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