3 Gorgeous LEGO Sets That Make Great Gifts For Valentine's Day Because They Last Forever

Love might die, but LEGO never will.

Cover image via SAYS

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We received three LEGO sets for Valentine's Day — Bouquet of Roses, The Great Wave, and Tiny Plants

With a lot of love and attention, here's a look at the finished builds:

1. Bouquet of Roses | RM269

Note: Vase is not part of the LEGO set.

Image via Adriana Za'ba/SAYS

The bouquet of roses is a 822-piece set that includes a dozen red roses and four sprigs of baby's breath.

Once again, LEGO outdoes itself by going the extra mile with their designs. Rather than having one design for all 12 roses, you get to build flowers in their three stages of life — bud, blooming, and in full bloom.

The long, green stems are individual (tiny) LEGO pieces, allowing you to adjust the height of each rose. That way, you can "prune" your roses to fit the size of your vase. Genius.

Considering the marked up prices of red roses during Valentine's Day, we gotta say this is an absolute steal of a gift!

And of course, they'll last forever. <3

Adriana, who built the Bouquet of Roses, said, "My favourite part about these roses is that they will never wilt or die. They're so pretty, 10/10."

It took her around three hours and she loved styling them in different vases around her home.

"Building them was lowkey therapeutic and fun, hehe. In my opinion, this would the best Valentines or Galentines day gift," she added.

2. Hokusai – The Great Wave | RM449

An absolutely gorgeous piece, the LEGO version of Japanese artist Hokusai's The Great Wave off Kanagawa is almost as iconic as the original.

If you've ever been disappointed by those 'paint by numbers' painting replicas of famous artworks, this is going to change all that. The process is relaxing, immersive, and the end result is stunning.

The picture is made up of multiple layers, creating a gorgeous 3D effect. The sleek, LEGO frame makes it so easy to display the piece anywhere in your home or office, providing a touch a class and style.

Unlike other traditional LEGO sets, which tend to be more playful and fabulous in their own right, we gotta say The Great Wave really fits the aesthetic of an elegant space.

"I was looking forward to building this LEGO set and displaying it at home, especially since I have the Great Ocean Wave tattooed on my arm!" explains Timothy, who took on the challenge of the 1,810-piece set. "I was initially a little worried because I have, quite frankly, never built a LEGO set in my life, but I ended up having so much fun!"

Editor's note: I am shocked. SHOCKED. That Timothy has never built LEGO before. I believe he must have had a sad childhood, but he assures me he did not.

Tim goes on to say, "There are over 200 pages in the manual, and yet, I managed to finish building it within a day. It took me about six hours.

"And the finished product is so PRETTY. It's like an actual art piece… that's actually made by me!

"Building adult LEGO sets is a newfound hobby now," Timothy concludes.

3. Tiny Plants | RM219

Image via Laila Zain/SAYS

Finally, I tried out the Tiny Plants. As a plant-lover but succulent-murderer, this set is a dream come true.

Succulents are so stinkin' cute but mine never last long, and the ones that do, end up looking like tiny monstrosities. (I need help).

The LEGO Tiny Plants include nine adorable plants of various sizes, each in their own terracotta-coloured pots. There are three different models to build, including easy, medium, and advanced.

I must admit, I love mini things. So the teeny-weeny-mini plants were my favourite.

Image via Laila Zain/SAYS

Because there are nine plants to build, I worked on the project with my three kids, aged 15, 12, and 8. Each build took around 15-30 minutes, and we had a blast.

It's fun. It's cute. It's a great way to bond with loved ones.

Of course, if you wanna just build all nine of them yourself, then that's cool too. I would have done that if my kids hadn't walked in on me opening the box in my room. 

Image via Laila Zain/SAYS

This Valentine's Day, the LEGO Group is releasing the LEGO Date Night in a Box as an exclusive gift-with-purchase

The box is available from now until 18 February at LEGO Official Stores on selected e-commerce platforms. 

The LEGO Date Night in a Box is a celebration of love, creativity, and shared moments. It unfolds into a playmat, revealing additional ways to create a romantic ambience, including a playlist of tunes and a play zone.

Here's what's in the kit:
- A greeting card to pen down a message to your loved ones
- A set of conversation cards for a meaningful time of reflection
- A sticker pack to share the LEGO love
- Coasters designed for enjoying your favourite beverages
- LEGO Heart-shaped lock polybag to celebrate your love

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