9 Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Date Ideas Because Dating In This Economy Is Hard Enough

Just because it isn't expensive, doesn't mean it won't be a memorable Valentine's. ^‿*

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Spending quality time doesn't just mean a candle-lit dinner at a luxurious restaurant

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Here are nine budget-friendly ways you can have a romantic Valentine's with your significant other (single people can do these too, heh):

1. Have a picnic

Enjoy each other's company surrounded by nature's beauty. Pack your partner's favourite snacks, a cosy blanket, and head to a local park or seaside for a nice little picnic.

If the hot weather is keeping you from enjoying the outdoors, indoor picnics can be just as romantic (and you won't have to worry about insects climbing all over your food). Light scented candles and scatter some flower petals to create a park-like ambiance.

2. Get artsy

This is a super easy idea that you and your significant other can do together in the comfort of your home — just grab some art paper, paint, or colour pencils and you're all set. Nobody expects you to be Picasso. As anyone who's seen Titanic can tell you, drawing can be crazy romantic.

Of course, there's also the option of going to art spaces if you don't want the hassle of stocking up on art supplies. Here are some suggestions for you:

- Bits&Blob @ Cyberjaya
- Splatter Art Factory @ Subang Jaya
- Art Grigo Cafe @ Tropicana Gardens Mall

3. Go to crafty workshops together

Whether it's ring-making, tufting or batik painting, embarking on a craft workshop date can be a delightful and creative way to spend time together.

Other activities you could consider include:
- Woodwork
- Pottery
- DIY home decor

4. Visit art galleries

Image via Ken Li/Pexels

Exploring an art gallery with your Valentine can be an intimate experience. Art often evokes personal interpretations, and sharing these insights can lead to fun, meaningful conversations.

A visit will cost you next to nothing as admission prices are usually pretty cheap — or even free! Walk through the halls, talk in hushed tones, and keep PDA to a minimum (It's an art gallery!).

5. Play video games or board games

Bring out the friendly competition with a board game or video game night. Whether it's surviving the apocalypse together or trying to beat each other at a game of Jenga, it's all about the fun and laughter.

If you don't own any board games, fret not! Here are places you can check out:
- Boards & Brews by TD @ Subang Jaya
- 6FunDays @ Kota Damansara
- We Play Games @ Cyberjaya 

6. Go to listening bars for some sweet tunes

If you and your significant other are seasoned audiophiles, you should try heading to these establishments and discover new tracks or revisit old favourites in a setting that elevates the listening experience.

Here's where you can start:
- Coffeeboy Club @ Seksyen 13
- The Groove Room @ Amcorp Mall
- V88 Starhill @ Bukit Bintang

7. Pet some cuddly animals

There's no better way to spend Valentine's Day than sharing some love and giving cuddles to cute fluffy animals (there's no better way to spend any day, really.)

Here are some places to help you with the date planning:
- Huskiss @ Kelana Jaya
- G2G Animal Garden @ Serdang
- 99 Wonderland Park @ Batu Caves
- The Sheep Sanctuary @ Cameron Highlands

8. Hit a thrift shop

Here's a fun idea: head to your local thrift shop, set a price limit, then split up to find your significant other some unexpected treasures or vintage finds. Whatever you go home with will be way more memorable than a box of chocolates or a teddy bear.

Here's where you can go:
- 2nd Street Bundle Shop

9. Enjoy a classic movie marathon

You can never go wrong with a night in and a personalised movie fest with your partner.

There are so many shows out right now that you've been meaning to check out, so stop procrastinating and get to it! If you don't finish a series, promise your partner that you won't watch another episode without them present. That should really be a standard of a committed relationship, right?

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