This Tufting Place In Subang Offers Workshops That Make The Perfect Date Idea

Other couples buy furniture together, you can build one together. <3

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If you need a new date idea or a fun activity to do with your bestie, check out this place in Subang Jaya

Kapetto KL is a tufting space behind Main Place Mall in USJ run by a group of cute siblings, who hold workshops for anyone who wants to try their hand at tufting. 

At each session, you can learn to tuft pieces that can be used as rugs, placemats, mug rugs, wall decorations, or anything else, really!

All materials are provided, including a canvas, a tufting gun, and yarn in an array of colours to choose from.

Just come up with a design you want and the team will teach you all the tufting basics, including how to hold the gun and reload the yarn to create your very own piece.

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Kapetto KL's team include two sisters, Sarah and Aisyah, who are the master finishers/trimmers. While their brothers Ammar and Syafiq are the master tufters, along with Amir, who refers to himself as the master macai.

It all started when Amir had his first encounter with rug tufting through an order that he had made for Gori Customs, a printing shop and his first venture

Having a natural interest in how things are made, Amir began watching videos and decided to make a tufted piece himself. He bought his first gun, built a frame with his friends, and began messing around with it by experimenting and handing out free rugs to friends.

He eventually came up with several decent products, and with the support of friends, he made his first few official Kapetto KL rugs.

"After we got a couple of orders and inquiries here and there, we began to see that there is a market for it. Albeit, without any idea of how strong the market is, it just seemed like a good opportunity to be in the forefront of local rug tufting. Then, we slowly built a studio and grew our armoury, so to speak," he shared with SAYS.

Everything was self-taught, from watching videos to reading forums, he added. "We weren't aware of local tufters at the time, we just had to learn through trial and error... The more time we spent on tufting and practising, the more we learnt how to improve efficiency and effectivity."

"Along the way, we found other local tufters and quickly reached out to them. RugMeBuddy and Tuftin' Asia, among other tufters, were particularly helpful as we managed to exchange some ideas on the whole process of rug tufting. It was a lonesome experience of digesting videos and forum content, so meeting them was a nice change to have."

Amir hopes that local tufters will continue to come together as a community and talk about their passion to improve themselves. He also hopes that more people will continue to appreciate handmade art of various forms made by local artists, as he explained that just the sheer amount of hours put into each item is unimaginable.

Each workshop session is around four to five hours, with a break in between

Anyone who is above 16 years old is allowed to join.

Just take note that the gun weighs around 1.4kg and may be a little strenuous to hold for four hours. But you can rest in between and we found the whole 'gun shooting' process pretty therapeutic!

At the moment, they offer beginner level classes for RM650 per person as the base price. On occasion, there are special discounted prices available.

Aside from attending the workshop, you can get pieces custom-made by the team

The smallest-sized rug, about the size of a coaster, goes for RM75 a piece. Prices go by sqft for larger pieces, so the range is around RM100 to RM150 per sqft.

Their workshops are held in batches and each session will be announced on their social media pages

Image via SAYS

They can also be booked for events, such as birthday or office parties, bridal showers, and other occasions. Just drop them an email to find out more. 

Follow Kapetto KL on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on their next session or to get a custom-made piece!

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