4 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Skytrex Adventure In Hulu Langat

Climb, glide, and breathe fresh air.

Cover image via Ihsan Ihsani/SAYS & Tamara Jayne/SAYS

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Up for an adventure that isn't too far from KL city?

Located less than an hour's drive away in Hulu Langat is a fun activity called Skytrex Adventure.

If you haven't heard of it yet, Skytrex is a rope circuit set high up in the trees, with obstacles and flying foxes for you to climb and glide, while surrounded by nature.

There are three different Skytrex parks in Malaysia: One in Langkawi, a second in Melaka, and this one in Sungai Congkak, Hulu Langat.

If you want to try it out, here are all the things you should know before heading there:

1. Wear proper sports attire and bring gloves (optional)

You will be wearing a harness throughout the circuit, so it's best to wear appropriate clothing and sports shoes. Gloves are optional. However, I'd recommend bringing along a pair if you have one, as it will help with reducing any blisters and make climbing easier. 

If you don't own any, the park sells basic ones for RM10 a pair. 

You can bring along a backpack and your phone but make sure they're secure to your body and won't get in the way as you're climbing or gliding. Optionally, lockers are also available at the entrance for a small fee. 

2. There are two types of circuits available at this branch: River Thrill (intermediate) and Rapid Extreme (advanced)

Side note: The obstacles are slightly different and there are also beginner levels available at the other parks. 

Before you begin the circuit, an instructor will teach you how to wear the harness and will run through the basics. There are other helpful instructors around who will also be able to assist you.

We went for the Rapid Extreme (advanced) level because if you're going to go on an adventure, you might as well go all out, right? :P

It took us slightly over two hours to complete, from the time we arrived and signed in until we reached the end of the circuit. Take note that the timing depends on the group and how many other people there are.

To be honest, the only 'challenging' part was the first obstacle, which involved climbing up a really high 'ladder' to get to the top and begin the circuit. Once you've reached the top, the rest of the course was a total breeze. Literally and figuratively.

3. You will get accustomed to the carabiners attached to your harness and how they function throughout the circuit, so don't stress too much at the beginning

There will also be a trial run before you start the course and instructors to guide you if you're unsure.

In the case of an emergency, a couple of 'chicken exits' are located throughout the circuit that allow you to leave halfway if you need to. Several trained assistants will also be at different points to help if there are any issues.

Our helpful colleague, Timothy, making sure we're set to go!

Image via Ihsan Ihsani/SAYS

3. The Rapid Extreme level includes plenty of flying foxes and several obstacle courses that are not too difficult, so you'll get to enjoy the scenery and fresh air

I won't spoil it too much by giving it all away, so you'll just have to head there and experience it for yourself. Heh.

But it is a pretty fun, relaxing activity to do with friends. It wasn't too taxing, yet we still managed to get a good sweat. Plus, if you book an early morning session like we did, you'll get to enjoy a well-deserved lunch right after!

Here's some footage of us flying through the trees across a stream:

4. Lastly, don't forget to enjoy yourself!

Please turn on the sound to enjoy my friend, Ihsan's, pure joy on the slide:

Ticket prices (online):
– RM55 (River Thrill)
– RM65 (Rapid Extreme)

Published rate:
– RM70 (River Thrill)
– RM80 (Rapid Extreme)

For more information on Skytrex Adventure, visit their website.

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